Friday, April 4, 2014

The 2 CUTEST videos EVER.

Its April. The grass is starting to turn green. Flowers are starting to bloom. & the weather, well, its thinking about changing but lets be honest, it needs a little nudge.

And although the weather is a little hit and miss, there are still lots of things to smile about. This past week we celebrated Justin's 33rd birthday. I decided I would let him have the night off from cooking and take care of dinner---we ate out. His choice though. I did manage to make him a special cake, he isn't the biggest fan of cake or cupcakes, but he LOVES rice krispie treats so I went with what he loves. It was a hit & oh so delicious with the extra icing and sprinkles. But, my favorite part of the evening came when the boys sang their daddy Happy Birthday. They might not have sang all the right words in the right order but it was to the right tune & it melted my heart to see Logan look up to Justin the way he did with such LOVE and JOY. So innocent. & then there is Kaden, so excited for his daddy.

This month at Brenda's the boys are learning about Spring & more specifically this week they have been learning about birds. Each day they have brought home some new little piece of art work to put up on the art wall. They are so proud of their work, almost as much as I am. & they are not only painting and crafting--they are learning too! Check this out…

I mean seriously, have you heard cuter bird calls? I know I haven't. & as you can tell from the video, I have to ask each of them directly a question because they don't always give the other a chance to answer if we don't. We're still working on "wait your turn" & "let him use his own brain", we'll get there it will just take a little more time...

See, I didn't lie. The 2 CUTEST videos EVER.

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