Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soccer--Let's Go Comets.

Its soccer season. We are four weeks in and Kaden has only got to play once, the team has only played twice. First week was a bye week but the kids had pictures & Kaden certainly looks the part…

But lets back up a little first. When we asked Kaden a few months back what sports he wanted to play he said soccer and baseball. Soccer was first up so we went ahead and got him signed up & a few weeks prior to it starting we headed out to get his soccer gear. We needed to pick up shoes, shin guards, socks, and a ball. As we were picking out Kaden's gear Logan started talking about his shoes, his shin guards, and carrying a ball around. We weren't getting out of there without two of EVERYTHING.

And after I posted this adorable picture of the two boys in their gear, it was pointed out to me that the shin guards go on the inside of the socks. Oops. That goes to show you how much I know about soccer, never played a day in my life. We got it right before pictures and his first game though.

Kaden's team played the weekend that we were in San Fran and were actually suppose to play on both Saturday and Sunday but it got rained out on Sunday and luckily was rescheduled for a later date which we will make--and we are hoping goes a little differently then our first time on the field.

It wasn't all bad. But it was a roller coaster. We all know that Justin and I refer to Kaden as light switch--in, the MOST lovable way possible. When he is on, he is the most sweetest, lovable, happy-go-lucky kid on Earth. When he is off, he is a bear. He is sensitive. He's allowed to have his bad days, I know I do.

So on this gorgeous Saturday morning we headed out to the soccer fields. We found his team & off he went. The first 30 minutes is spent practicing with your team. The second 30 minutes they play a little game, 4 on 4 with another team.

The first 30 minutes, practice time, went AMAZING. I seriously couldn't have been more proud. He was listening to both of his coaches. He was dribbling (that's a soccer term not just a basketball term, right?) the ball from mid field towards the goal and then kicking it into goal scoring. He had one of the stronger kicks. He was actually one of the more controlled dribblers & he was the biggest kid on his team. At this point, I just knew things were going to continue to be smooth. He was going to LOVE this. Logan sat there in awe…

and then he had to go to the bathroom. I lost Rock, Paper, Scissors and had to make the walk to the restrooms---it was a long haul & I don't plan on losing again. As we were walking back up I noticed Kaden was over by Justin and he was down on his knees talking to him. At first I was thinking that he had accidentally hurt someone or someone had accidentally hurt him. As I got closer, I realized he didn't want to play anymore. Practice was over and the game was getting ready to start. He got a little break and when he came over to Justin and I wasn't there, he got upset. It was going to be an uphill battle from there.

He wanted his lovies. He wanted to go home. He didn't want to play anymore. I tried calming him down but he just continued to work himself up. Finally I was able to get him to come over and sit with his team as I sat there with him. We cheered on the Comets & a smile was slowing showing up on his face. I took this as my opportunity to see if he was ready to go in. He wasn't. I explained that it didn't matter how well he did or even if he kicked the ball. All I wanted him to do was to go out there and have fun. To try his hardest. That I would be proud of him no matter what BUT if he wasn't ready, that was okay too. We would sit on the side line and cheer on his teammates. A few more minutes passed by and he got a little more closer to the coach. I took another shot & this time I promised him gum. FIVE pieces of gum and he could pick them out himself at the store. He perked up at this & was ready for his shot. (I would have given him anything at this point, I just wanted him to try).

He went in. He did great. He ran after the ball and even kicked it a couple times breaking free and took a shot but it went off the side of the goal. He was out there for a whole 45 seconds and the whistle blew for halftime. & we started over again. This time it didn't take as long to get him to go back in. He went in, asked for directions from Coach & then off he went. A few seconds later he was on the ground, he had gotten knocked down. He looked up towards us to see our reactions and we were both saying, "You're fine. Dust it off." and he broke down. Justin went out to get him. He sat there with us and not 5 minutes later the game was over. He did go and shake hands with the other team as our team's parents made a tunnel for the boys to run through--he sure LOVED that part.

On the way home we talked about the game. He gave the highlights (and lowlights), he talked about how he kicked the ball twice and how he was knocked down and cried. He says he wants to go back, I just hope he wants to play. Justin and I explained to him again that all we want is for him to have fun and try his hardest. That we wouldn't be quitting soccer because we don't make a commitment and not follow through. That if he didn't want to play, that was okay too but we would be sitting on the sidelines with his coach and cheering his friends on.

I'll be honest, that morning was probably tougher on Justin and I than him. He bounces back quickly but not me. I questioned signing him up for something at 4. I questioned his toughness. I questioned our parenting and if we were saying the right things to him, to encourage him, to let him know we were proud of him and that we were there to support him. I thought back to my childhood, even called my mom to ask about me playing sports when I was his age. I didn't. She didn't think I started sports until I was around 6 and that was t-ball. I was the middle child so I watched my sister play sports. I watched my dad and mom play too so when it came time, I just went out there and did it. Sports were such a huge part of my childhood--softball, volleyball, basketball. I was athletic. I LOVED playing. What if my son doesn't? Or if he does, what if he doesn't want his Mom to be his coach?

And then I remembered, he is four. FOUR. He'll find his way, whatever that may be and the only thing he needs to know now, is that we are proud of him and that all we want is for him to have fun and try his best. He doesn't have to be the best, he just has do give his best.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend celebration was a little bit different than last year. Last year we hosted brunch out our house and had most of my family in town and Justin's family joined too. It was a great Easter celebration--full of family & kids running around laughing while hunting eggs.

This year was a little different--my family wasn't able to come into town & we had been gone the weekend before and I was headed out for a weekend conference the weekend following (this weekend) & didn't really want to be gone for another weekend so we stayed home. We decided to attend Easter Service on Friday evening, Good Friday--and invited Aunt Becky and Cousin Colton to go with us. The boys were nice enough to pose for a picture after Easter service & I think we can all agree that all three of them are as cute as can be…

And look at those legs on my boys. If Kaden had both legs down on the ground you could see that both he and Logan have bruises in the exact same spot on their legs. These two are in to wrestling with each other and karate---we don't allow it when we see but we don't always see them "pretending" to do karate.

Easter service was amazing. The boys came from their classes with megaphones and yelling "JESUS IS ALIVE" & there hasn't been a morning drive into work that has gone by that they haven't reminded me of that little fact. I love that they are learning about Jesus & his sacrifice HE made for us. Justin and I are learning too, we just finished a three part serious entitled Is God out to get me? and  the last of the three was that God is out to Raise me, that he wants to make all things new. That just knowing Jesus is Lord isn't enough, you have believe it in your heart. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't been a consistent church goer for a very long time--I was of the mindset that I knew who God was. I knew what he stood for and I believed in him. That was enough for me. God and I had an understanding. Then I had kids & wanted something more for them & I didn't know enough to be the one to show them the way so we chose to try out a church that a co-worker had been telling me about for over a year. We started attending in January and unless we have been out of town, we haven't missed a week. I can't explain how much this change has meant to me, to our family. There seems to be this weight off my shoulders, all those worries are gone & there is more peace in my life. Its been good. Real good.

We finished the evening up with a little dinner out & then it was sleepover time for the boys. All week long they had talked about sleeping with one another. Mommy, you tell me when I can go to Kaden's room. was all I would hear each night I would put Logan to bed. I would swipe his hair back, kiss him on the cheek and tell him that Friday was just days away. They can't get enough of each other and are inseparable at this age. I, for one, can't get enough of it.

The morning following this brotherly snuggle was Kaden's first soccer game which will be a post all by itself. It was quite the interesting morning to say the least. It was so interesting that we actually headed home instead of heading out for errands and did some house work.

That evening started off a weekend full of sporting events for our favorite KC teams. Justin and I got to have a date night with Jake and Jennifer to the Sporting KC game which we easily won but we managed to miss EVERY SINGLE GOAL! We should really rethink going to sporting events when we haven't seen one another in awhile because we never stopped talking. It was a great evening and as much as I wish it could have continued, the Easter Bunny had not filled & hidden the eggs. Have no fear, the red-bull kept me up and at 1:30 in the morning I was out in our front yard making it rain eggs.

And I was right, two little boys were up very early. They "patiently" waited on the steps in their swimsuits---don't ask me why they were wearing their swimsuits, I just shake my head and let it happen--I barely got the camera out and down the steps they came…

The Easter Bunny, or EB as Kaden and Logan like to call him, did pretty well and he must have gotten my note. This Mommy isn't all that big on candy so the only candy EB brought were two pez dispensers and a couple tootsie rolls for Logan and then bubble gum for Kaden. The boys got Lego Mixels, sidewalk chalk, foam swords to fight the bad guys and their favorite thing--chapstick, EOS chapstick.

Then they noticed the lawn & off they went, boots and all.

and those giant eggs where from our nice neighbor, she came over early in the morning and hid them for the boys. How sweet is that?! & they spent the next few hours opening up their eggs and enjoying their new toys. Mom got to spend the next hour or so putting together about 6 different Legos for my little guys before we headed to Grammy's house decked out in our Royals gear. AGAIN.

Attending the Royals game was a last minute decision but when some great tickets became available to me, I snatched them up. We love our Royals and the boys are starting to figure out who is who in Blue too. They love cheering for Moose & these seats allowed for Kaden and I to count pitches and read jerseys. Although, as good as these seats were, they couldn't keep Logan from taking a little nap & I couldn't have thought of a better place to be then right there holding him.

I'm not sure what it is about this picture but my boys look so big, especially Kaden. I think it may be the shirt, the 3/4 sleeve baseball t-shirt with none other than my high school number on the back. The other day he was wearing this shirt again and he had on jeans with a giant rip in the knee. The shirt had a slight frontal tuck going on and at that moment he looked 15. Please let them stay little forever and never grow up.

After the game we headed back to Grammy's to celebrate Easter with Adam, Becky and Colton. EB had left a bowl of eggs for Grammy to hide too & so the boys took off into the backyard as Justin grilled the hamburgers. We decided to give Logan a little bit of a head start because he was the littlest and we were afraid that Colton and Kaden would get all the eggs. Logan didn't need a head start, the kid knew exactly what he was doing.

And these three weren't the only ones who were exhausted after the fun-filled weekend we had. Daddy and I both were in bed before it was completely dark and dreading getting up for work the next morning. Why couldn't every weekend be a nice three day weekend?!? We need more three-day weekends or maybe I just need to stay at home…

Right, like thats going to happen but one can dream a little.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A {Mini} Vacation: Day Two

We ended our first day in California with a drive inland to Pleasanton & arrived a few minutes early to Roy & Tim's house so we turned our car around and headed to a park that was just up the street. And let me just say, this city has the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. They were so clean & so big. They provided enough shade & had play gyms for all ages. The boys loved running, rolling, flying and climbing around. I loved sitting in the cold grass taking it all in.

(Tell me I am not alone when I cringe at the sound of my own voice---its horrible but I can't leave out these cute little videos just because I hate the sound of my own voice!)

After arriving at Roy and Tim's we met Baxter the Dog and then headed out to dinner at their favorite Japanese Steak House which suited the boys well. Over the last month or so we have been to one near our house a couple times and when you ask where the boys would like to eat they respond with, "Can we go to that place where the guy cooks in front of us? That would be real fun Mom." The food was delicious and the company was even better. It was so nice to hang out with Roy and Tim on their turf because when they are visiting us, there is WAY too many family members trying to catch up with them & you never really get the time to have a real conversation. 


Saturday was all about family time. Not only were we going to get to spend more time with Roy & Tim but we were going to get to see the boys-Ryan, Jack & Evan, as well as Diane and Regina. & not just for one measly activity but for a full days worth of activities. We started the day off with the boys' Karate Belt Ceremony which basically means that the boys (along with other students with the same belt color) preform their form routine in front of a instructor & if they met the requirements & were respectful at home and school then they would be given their next belt. All three boys did an amazing job on their form routine & were awarded their yellow belts.

It was pretty special to sit there in the audience and watch this all unfold. I'll admit it, I got a little choked up watching the boys receive their belts from their moms and dads.

The entire ceremony lasted a little over an hour and both Kaden and Logan sat pretty quietly eyes glued to those who were sparring and testing. And almost every day since they have been playing "karate" & thought it was TOTALLY AWESOME that their mom (me) was in Tae Kwan Do when I was little too. This is me at my yellow belt ceremony.

We had a little downtime between Karate and Evan's baseball game so we decided to check out their local farmers market which again, did not disappoint. The strawberries were delicious. The cinnamon rolls were beyond huge. The weather, well it was perfect and continued to be perfect for the rest of our stay.

Naps, well they were non existent on this trip, as they should be. Saturday's nap time was postponed due to Evan's baseball game. Evan is 7 --- we had boys that were basically 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 on this trip --- and he plays one mean game of baseball. In just that one game he played catcher, first base and third base. He had a couple of great hits & you could tell he is a very competitive little man & will be an amazing athlete. While Evan's game was going on the other boys played catch with both baseballs and Frisbees, they ate chocolate and Fruit by the Foot, & they chased each other around. After the game was over it was time for more fun. Justin and Tim went back to the house to get the food going for the BBQ and Roy & I took the boys to a trampoline park. To say that the boys LOVED it there would be quite the understatement. They were fearless when it came to jumping and jumped right alongside the big boys. For the next hour the boys jumped non-stop, didn't get hurt and were a sweaty mess by the time we left---just the way it should be.

When we returned to Roy & Tim's we had just enough time to head down to the park for one last spin on the giant concrete slide. & this time they both were a little braver and decided to try it out with the cardboard that was left behind--excuse the annoying screams.

We finished the evening up with one giant family BBQ. The kids played nicely with one another. The adults got a lesson in all things bees from Evan's friend who was sleeping over---seriously the kid could have wrote a book on bees. He and his father just received thousands of bees earlier that day to start harvesting their own honey. We also had the privilege of hearing Evan sing the National Anthem, the kid is fearless and has a great voice for a 7 year old & his brother Ryan, well he had some of the best jokes that I have heard in a long time. That evening was filled with so many smiles & wonderful memories were made. It was tough saying good-bye to family but lucky for us, they're all coming back this summer for some time at the lake. I know two boys who will eagerly be waiting.

Unfortunately our fun ended that evening because the next morning we woke up, loaded up and headed back to the airport. The boys and I walked those moving walkways at least 20 times--I was doing my best to wear them out and it worked with Logan. As soon as we took off he laid his little head down on my lap and he slept the entire way. Kaden, well we couldn't have asked for a better experience, we actually had multiple people tell us how great they were and they didn't even realize kids were behind them. Like I said, they did an amazing job but once again, I was so happy when we touched down in KC. So, here's to hoping the flight to St. Maarten goes just as smooth as this flight did. & if it doesn't, at least we have Papa Tom, Grandma Sara and Grammy to pass them off too!

Thank you Roy & Tim for your hospitality, our {mini} vacation was everything that we had hoped for--full of wonderful family memories. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

A {Mini} Family Vacation--Day One.

One of the perks of traveling for work is raking in the airline miles. In February, Jennifer and I went on a little girls trip to Chicago on points & because one of the flights was canceled, we got our points back--Boo-to-the-Ya!

I had a trip scheduled for some time now in San Fran to meet with a few clients at Schwab and when I brought up the idea of Justin and the kids going with me, he jumped. You see, Justin has family that live in Pleasanton which is outside of Oakland & it had been awhile since we had seen everyone. This would make for the perfect little get away. I purchased the tickets, Justin rented the car, & off we went.

We had a three hour and fifty minute flight ahead of us. We were keeping our fingers crossed that the boys would be the most well-behaved little fliers known to man but they haven't flown for over a year so we really didn't know who would be showing up for that flight. I came prepared. A full bag of treats, sandwiches, candy--gum for Kaden and suckers for Logan, workbooks and of course movies. I drew the lucky straw and sat in the middle of both boys as Justin sat across the isle and had a nice cold beverage.

& honestly, for the most part they were amazing. I had to remind Kaden not to put his feet on the chair in front of him & for Logan to stay seated but other than that they were pretty happy fliers. Still landing couldn't have came soon enough the boys were on edge and we were pushing our luck.

The boys had two things they wanted to do on our trip. Fly in the airplane-Check. Ride on a "school" bus. You should have seen their eyes when we boarded the shuttle that took us to the car rental--they were so excited. The other passengers, not so much. They, like Justin and I, were just ready to get to our destination but by the time we pulled up to the car rental location the boys had Justin and I and everyone else within earshot smiling.

An hour later we arrived at our hotel for the evening and as we were led to our room Kaden kept opening his arms and waving them around singing, "Welcome to the Hotel. Welcome to the Hotel." The boys were beyond amazed with room service & the hotel staff was so patient and kind with the boys. As they brought in our dinner Kaden would introduce us all to the waiter and the two of them would strike up a little conversation. One waiter kept telling Justin and I just how blessed we were, that the two of them were so beautiful. He's right.

Finally it was lights out & it took all lights being turned out for the boys to finally fall asleep. On Friday morning the boys walked me to my meeting and then went off to explore.

One of the smartest things we did on this trip was to rent this Mini-City Double Stroller. I wasn't that excited about lugging ours on the plane and risking the strollers getting broke and taking just one was out of the question because you know that is the moment you will need a second one. So I went to Google. I Googled Stroller Rental in San Fran and what do you know, something came up. I was worried it was going to be outrageously priced and an inconvenience to pick up and drop off but to my surprise it wasn't. The strollers are rented for a 3 night period which was perfect for us and it was dropped off at our hotel on Thursday and picked up at the car rental location on Sunday. It seriously couldn't have been easier and even if we would have just used it for one day, it would have been worth it. 

The boys covered a lot of ground while I was in meetings but finally they were over and I was able to catch up to them. My goal for the trip was to see and take a picture near the Golden Gate Bridge but the foggy weather had something else in mind for us--Pier 39. We took the boys to see the Sea Lions & although it was super chilly, they loved watching them. 

We ducked into a little arcade to let the kids get down and roam & wouldn't you know it, they picked the lucky case when it came to Deal or No Deal. 400 tickets later & the kids had their prize---one small bag of Gummy Ring Pops of which they have completely forgot about and I won't be reminding them about them either.

and as we came out of the arcade Logan spotted the carousel. He was begging to be ride it, just one time, Mommy. And seriously, who am I to say no on 'vacation'? So we rode it. Just once but as soon as it was over he wanted to go again and was so upset that we had to get off so others could get on. Poor guy.

The highlight of Pier 39 though was warm, sugary & circular in shape. We were told that we had to try the donuts if we went down there and we had to make sure they were nice and warm. They did not disappoint--Kaden, Logan and I polished off two dozen fairly quickly.

I wasn't the only one they put into a coma but at least this guy could give into it and enjoy the ride back to the hotel. The San Francisco Bay was fun but the warmer weather of the inland was calling and family was waiting.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Not a Farewell...

Kaden attends pre-school at a school that is very near and dear to our hearts & that's because Justin's mom, Kaden's Grammy, teaches there. "Teaches" doesn't even come close to what Janet means and does for this school. It amazes me how many times someone will stop her in a restaurant or at a school function and start chatting it up with her---and looking at them you would think she probably taught their kids but in reality, she taught the parents & the kids. That's just how long she has been teaching there.

Parents who have had her teach their older kids keep telling her "just five more years Janet and then you can retire. You see they want to ensure their youngest children have the privilege of being taught by her too and honestly, who can blame them.

At times she is lovingly referred to as Sargent South at school. But not because she's mean, because she expects the most from her students. And if you ask her students who their teacher is they will all reply in unison, "The most beautiful teacher at John Paul II."-- does she have them trained or what!

Well, today, we received our weekly newsletter from the school & in it was a letter from Mrs. South & it went like this...

Dear John Paul II Families and Community, 

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Eccleiastes 3 

When I was young child, I didn't play with dolls, I played school. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher, and for 41 years, 39 of which have been right here at Queen of the Holy Rosary and John Paul II, I have done just that. And I have been blessed. But as the inspirational bible verse says, it's time for me to embrace a new season of my life. It will be full of hug and kisses from my grandchildren as well as new adventures for me. I  want to thank each and every one of you for your love and support throughout the years. You are part of me, and I hold you in my heart. This is not good bye, it's only farewell. You can't get rid of met that easily. I will be back to substitute and visit regularly. You will be in my prayers and I ask that I am in yours. 

Janet South                                           

It took me a few attempts to even make it through this short little {retirement} announcement. I am sure the thought of leaving something that she has known for 40+ years is terrifying but then to think about all the new adventures she will have is so exciting, especially since these new adventures will include my children. I know I speak for the whole family when I say that we couldn't be more proud of Grammy. She is not only an amazing mother, MIL, & Grammy but she is an amazing friend to all her colleagues, an amazing teacher to all her students & will be missed more than she could ever imagine. If I were John Paul II I would probably be naming the hallway the South Wing because students will be talking about her for years to come.

Congratulations Grammy, again, we all couldn't be more proud of the legacy you will leave behind at John Paul II and we couldn't be more excited for you to pack up your classroom and settle into your new "normal". 

Oh and we need a babysitter for a week in June, you're open now, right?!?! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Take Me Out to the Royals.

Janet, aka. Grammy, likes to have a special birthday dinner for each of us when our birthdays roll around. In December, Adam, asked for crab legs. He got crab legs. In February, I requested chili cheese dogs (go figure, right!). When Justin's birthday rolled around, Grammy had a different idea---a day at The K & we all know how big of a fan Justin is when it comes to the Royals so he happily humored his mother.

Before heading to the game we realized that our Kansas City Royals gear wasn't really going to cut it so we made a pit stop at the Kansas Sampler & loaded up--we were that family. & I was that Mom who put her boys in matching sweatshirts but lets face it, at this point it is just easier to get them the same thing than not because they will of course want what the other has and once they have it, they'll want the original back…

Normally Justin and I attend the home opener but this year work got in the way---damn those jobs of ours, but at least we were able to make it out for opening weekend. It was also Family Fun Day at The K which meant the kids could run the bases after the game. Now all we had to do was make it through all 9 innings with happy kids...challenge accepted!

As Justin, Janet and Adam took the kids to find our seats and get settled in, Becky and I made a little detour and stopped by the Guest Services office. Knowing that it was opening weekend and Family Fun Day at The K, I knew we needed to sign the boys up for the Blue Crew 2014 kids pack or we would have to wait in a VERY LONG line when it came time to run the bases. Buying the Blue Crew pack not only gets the kids a new Royals hat, which they never took off, & a new Royals shirt, which is a little big for Logie, it also gives you a VIP pass to use for the run. Around the beginning of the 9th inning is when people start lining up for the run, if you have the VIP you get to go straight to the front, if you don't, have fun walking up the concourse to the upper deck. Now don't get me wrong, there are still a number of boys and girls that have the VIP pass but once the line started moving we were in and out in a matter of 10 minutes---so worth the $20 for the Blue Crew packet. Oh and did I mention that they will send extra tickets to the boys throughout the year for us to use as a family? It will more than pay for itself.

Once Becky and I arrived at our seats we were able to sit for just a few seconds before the kids started asking for lunch & off we went again, but Kaden at least kept me company in line.

After the hot dogs were gone it was on to peanuts. Then Aunt Becky handed the boys their first Fruit by the Foot --which they have referred to as the "rolly thingy" ever since.

The boys were doing great--they were cheering the players on and they were dancing at each of the inning breaks. As they started to get a little bored we quickly went for the frozen lemonade--BEST $5 we ever spent.

Finally it was time to line up for the bases and step out onto the field. This was only my second time doing this, the first was with my niece and nephews who were VERY little and I actually went out and ran the bases with them. As I stepped on the field this time I noticed that there were no other parents going around the bases, just the kids---do I go with them, do I let them go on their own?! I didn't have to make a decision because before I knew it, the boys had taken off for 2nd base (you start at 1st base) and around the bases they went. The each had the biggest smile on their face as they stepped across home plate but immediately it turned to a frown as they found out that they couldn't go again. Lucky for them, it was the first of many Sunday Fun Days that The K will be hosting over the next few months.


Family Fun Day at The K wasn't just on Sunday, nope we headed back out on Tuesday for a little more fun. Justin had purchased these tickets a few weeks back and we figured why not? The boys will love being able to stay up a little later, it won't be as busy and we could let the boys enjoy the Little K. 

Justin whisked Kaden up on top of his shoulders and Logan just looked at me with his big blue eyes & I grabbed him and threw him up on mine---not sure I'll be able to do that much longer but then again, I am working out now so who knows my limits--I hope you are laughing!

Since this was a Tuesday evening game there weren't many fans in attendance and we were able to hop right down to the front row in the outfield to capture a quick picture of the boys with Mr. Alex Gordon. Alex wasn't cooperating and listening to my directions and I ended up only getting his lower half--next time. 

The boys tuckered out a little quicker than on Sunday Fun Day but lucky for them Slugger made it out to The Little K during the 4th inning and we were first in line. Logan ran right up to him, Kaden was a little more skittish but he sure loved how his tail hung there in mid air. 

I can already tell these boys are going to be as big of Royals fans as their daddy is & its going to be one great summer.