Monday, March 3, 2014

Worst. Haircut. Ever.

We haven't wanted to cut Logan's hair because we are completely afraid of cutting off all the SUPER blonde hair that he has. We love his flowing white locks & even though Kaden's hair was never quite as white, it got darker as he started to get older & now I am not even sure you can consider him blonde. We just haven't wanted to let go, kind of like Logan doesn't want to let go of his Superheroes he got this past weekend.

Finally, we just decided it was time. Logan's hair was in his eyes & it was well past his ears. & since we hadn't taken Logan to get his hair cut, we weren't taking Kaden either and this dude really needed one...

We have our usual place & a backup in case there is a long wait and have been relatively happy with what we get there. The boys climb up in the seat by themselves and there they sit until its finished. This time, we chose a different location, same chain, different location---it was close to where we were. Well being efficient doesn't always pay off & in this case it certainly didn't. Let me introduce you to Lloyd...

Luckily, with a little hair gel we may be able to make it through the awkward stage & at least its only hair. & its not mine!

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