Monday, March 31, 2014

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Best weekend ever--at least in a very long while.

It all started on Wednesday evening when the boys and I drove a little south & met my sister at a gas station for the handoff---we were getting Leah for a few extra days! Leah and her brothers were on spring break & she wanted to spend a little more time with us, playing with the boys & I couldn't have been happier to hear that. The boys adore her & rightfully so, she is a pretty fantastic kid.

In fact she was so fantastic the kids didn't want me to give them their baths or read them their books. Nope, only Leah. & she jumped at the chance. When it came time to tuck the boys in they at least let me give them a goodnight kiss but once again, it was Leah they wanted to turn out the lights and shut the door. 

On Thursday while Justin and I worked, Leah stayed at home with the dogs. & although I loved seeing the kids take to Leah so easily and want to follow her every step, Stoli was a different story. Stoli has always been MY dog. She follows me around everywhere and along with the kids, I tuck her in too. For the remainder of the weekend it was like I didn't even exist. I walked through the door on Thursday and she didn't even get off the couch. We came home from dinner out that evening and she greeted Leah and only Leah. Traitor was the word that kept coming to mind. 

I figured that Friday I would take some time off and Leah & I could have a girls day. We started off with dropping the boys off at pre-school and Ms. Brenda's and then knocked out our errands. We finished the morning off with pedicures and then rushed to get Kaden from school. Leah chilled out and watched a movie in the car as I did a quick workout and then we headed to the Plaza & did what girls do best. We ate at PF Changs and shopped. A lot. It was pretty neat being able to go shopping with my niece, I may not ever have a girl of my own so being able to spend the day with her was pretty darn special. To say I LOVED it, would be an understatement. 

Friday evening the rest of the family finally arrived & the boys were in rare form. It was a late night for both of them as they ran from one room to the next fighting the "bad guys". They were full of laughs & smiles and watching them play with their cousins was one of the highlights of the weekend. Every waking moment they were wanting to play with Blake & Leah or chasing after Brendan & Brett which made for some easy bedtime routines. 

& with my family in town we of course had to have a full day of the "BEST" KC has to offer. We started Saturday morning off with some John Space Age Donuts which get yummier and yummier each time we eat them and headed out to the park for some morning fun while I did a quick photo shoot. The kids did more running around and more chasing bad guys. 

We then met Justin and my sister at Johnny's and although this might not be a KC favorite, it is a South favorite. We probably eat there once a week or so & the boys have become some of their favorite customers--they get the special treatment and get to fetch their own ice cream from the kitchen freezer--pretty big stuff. 

We finished the night off with some Okie Joe's -- definitely a KC BEST-- and another easy night when it came to bedtime routines. 

The next morning was rough, very rough. The kids woke up each asking if Leah and Blake were still there and when they had to go home. I told them that they would be leaving soon and both their happy go lucky attitudes fizzled quickly & the saddest puppy dog faces were looking up at me. With a little nudge & a promise to see them again soon the boys ran down the stairs to play for a few more minutes before we headed off to church. & once we arrived back home, we had to say our good-byes. 

We don't get to see my niece and nephews often enough but when we do, we make the most of it. This weekend was full of nonstop playing-chasing bad guys, baby shower projects, amazing food, and lots of laughs. I wish every weekend was like this but then again, if every weekend was like this, it wouldn't be so special. 

And this picture is a perfect example of how our kids grow up so quickly & how you gotta make the most of your time. Brett is 16. I was 16 when he was born. It doesn't even seem possible that he can be this old (or that I am this OLD), I remember when I first held him in my arms and here he is holding my little man in his. 

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