Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Taste of Warmer Weather.

The time change has royally messed with our household--three out of the four of us--five out of the six of us if you include dogs--don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Before Daylight Savings Time, I had no issues getting up at 6:45 or 7, the sun was already up & peeking through the window but it's not now & pulling myself out of bed is sooooo hard. Logan and his bedhead would agree. Kaden, he is a different story--isn't he always :0). For some unknown reason the kid is waking up at like 5 in the morning & mind you, we moved our clocks forward so there is NO way this should be happening. One morning he came in to ask why I didn't bring him his iPad the night before & in my mind I was shaking my head because I had no strength to really shake my head, I could barely muster up enough strength to tell him to go back to bed. Fast foward a few days and now at least he isn't getting up to remind me about something I did or didn't do, he just talks to himself until he eventually falls back asleep.

& as much as I HATE getting up in the morning now, especially with the amazing fresh air coming through our windows, I LOVE the extra light we get at the end of the each day more. & so do the boys. After a very long winter we were able to get out and play on the swing set. & immediately a few things jumped out at me…

Kaden can climb the "rock wall" in 3 seconds flat. Last spring he looked like a little boy going up that wall. Unsure of each foot & hand placement & whether he could do it ALL by himself. (By the end of the first month or two he was a pro). Now, its all about how fast he can complete a lap--Up the wall, down the slide. And repeat.

& of course Logan wants to do everything his BIG brother does so he slowly but safely made it up the wall all on his own too. Once he reached the top he proceeded to tell Korie and I it was our turn & talked us through each move to make. First the yellow, then hand on blue and so on and so forth--he'll make a great teacher one day.

The swings will have to move up a few links this year. Logan could barely climb up in the swing last year when it was on its last link, this year, his little feet brush the ground each time he passes by pumping those tiny little legs. He needs absolutely no help climbing in & makes sure you know he can do it all by himself, "I do it all myself, Mom." It makes me so sad to think how much he has grown over this past year & that he'll be three in less than two months.

Our spring and summer adventures are just starting. We have soccer, swim lessons, baseball games, the lake, trips to back to Carthage, the zoo---so much on our spring and summer bucket lists to check off and I couldn't be more excited for it. First up--St. Patrick's Day parade!

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