Thursday, February 13, 2014

Out with the OLD & In with the NEW.

A little over a year ago I found the perfect frames for THE pictures of the boys. These two pictures have been my all time favorite images that I have captured of the boys…

and for more than a year they have hung in our upstairs hallway. They are the first thing we see as we make our way up to our living space & the last thing we see as we head down the stairs to start the day. 

& honestly, I thought they would stay up for years to come but after I got off work tonight I had a little package at the door--our 5 minute Valentine shoot images had arrived. & the moment I saw those 8x10s I ran upstairs pulled down the frames and switched out the images. 

I didn't realize until I got the images that I would make the switch so of course I didn't order an 8x10 of the two of them together so there's still one more image to be switched out but its a comin'. 

I loved how the black and white images looked in our upstairs hallway but the color, it just gives it that little pop we needed. One might say it adds a little color to this oh so dreary winter weather. 

Now for a little secret--that backdrop is the kids' table that I painted sometime last year from their playroom. I just turned it on its side, plopped a Valentine's banner on it and pointed it towards the light. I had it up and ready to go for a client & asked Logan if he wanted to take a few pictures. He gave me 5 minutes max & then 20 minutes later Kaden said he was ready & he gave me no more than 5 minutes too. Although I got a number of images from that short 5 minutes with the boys, I would have been happy with just one. Funny thing is, both my favorite images of the boys---the black and white above and then these---were all done on a whim. Anytime I try and do an elaborate setup, it never pans out the way I envisioned, it always happens when I just pick up my camera and start shooting. Guess I should pick it up more often...

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