Monday, February 10, 2014

My {FUNNY} Valentines

With boys its a little hard to get caught up in holiday outfits & its not for the lack of trying on my part--they're just not as cute as ruffles and bows. BUT you can put two simple t-shirts on these two sweet boys & they will still melt your heart.

 Time. And. Time. Again.

They have hearts full of gold & are constantly amazing me with their compassion for one another & for others.

& we don't let a day go by without saying those three tiny words. A hundred times over. I love you.

So simple. So meaningful. These three words have such power. They allow for our boys to be confident in our love no matter what they may do. There is nothing more they could do to make me love them more and nothing they could do to make me love them less.

These two brought a whole new level of LOVE to our lives. & the best thing, its not just them. I see it with my friends and their kids---some of my friends just now learning what this "LOVE" we won't shut up about but yet can't quite explain, is all about. Some of my friends who are still waiting and anticipating the day that EVERYTHING changes. The day they watch as though their HEART is walking outside of their body.

& just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they crank it up like 100 notches. They put on those charming grins, bat those eyelashes and ask for hugs & kisses. 

I'll admit it. They have me wrapped around EVERY single finger of theirs & I am perfectly okay with that. I love being a mom to boys, to brothers & honestly, couldn't imagine it any other way, just as any other mom couldn't imagine having anything other than what they have. 

Seriously. I can't get enough. It's crazy how when it comes to putting words to the LOVE that I feel for these two, I can't. It's indescribable which I think is exactly how it should be. There will never be enough words. Never. 

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