Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Don't Let It Be So

With each of my boys there are those special moments that are just OURS! With Kaden it comes at bedtime where even after I have tucked him in, I sneak in for one last kiss good night. He is so sweet and loving & ALWAYS asks for me to come back in and check on him before I go to bed--which I am more than happy to do. He tells me that he loves me & to "have a good rest" & that he will see me in the morning. I give it about another hour or so and sneak back to kiss my sleeping boy good night, shut off a few lights and tuck him back into bed--the kid loves to sleep with only underwear on & with no blankets.

Another one of my favorite moments with Kaden is picking him up for pre-school. He will be lined up ready for dismissal & will be peaking up on his tiptoes looking for me. Once he spots me, I get the biggest wave he can give & then he is off, running full speed ahead into my arms. Its one of the favorite hugs that I get & I never get tired of him telling me how much he loves me & missed me. 

& then there is Logan. Logie. 

I love our mornings together. He will sit next to me on my bathroom counter while I get dressed. He will sing me songs & ask silly questions. There isn't a morning that I don't have a smile on my face when he is right beside me. 

But my most FAVORITEST moments with Logan come at 6:00 in the morning, or shortly thereafter. Its about this time that we hear the first "MOOOMMMM." coming from down the hall. 

I happily throw the covers back & head in after him. I reach down to him & he says "mommy, your room." I pick him up, he places his head on my shoulder and I carry him back to bed with Justin and I.  

As soon his little head hits the pillow he snuggles right up to me. & I don't mean he just rests his head on my chest, he nuzzles right up next to me, where his cheek is touching my cheek. Once our cheeks are touching, his lovie goes straight to his mouth & the most adorable sucking noise occurs as he drifts back off to dreamland. For the next 45 minutes or so my life is pretty perfect. 

My husband is pretty sure I am going to have Logan sleeping with us until he is in junior high but you know what? If he wants to snuggle with me when he is in junior high, I will take it because I know the time will come when snuggling with your mom isn't the coolest thing for my boys to do & I will be bribing for hugs. So today, tomorrow & the next day & for as long as he will allow me, I will choose to bring him in with me for a little snuggle time. For us to be cheek to cheek and for him to drift off to sleep in my arms. 

& just like with everything else in life--when you find a routine you are thrown a curveball. & of course, that came today, the day of my first trip of 2014 he decides to throw me for a loop. Kaden, Justin and I were already up getting an early start to the morning to have Kaden to pre-school on time and all of the sudden we hear little footsteps. Logan didn't ask for me. He didn't wait for me to come to his room to get him out of bed. For the first time, he climbed down off of his bed on his own & walked in with the biggest grin on his face to tell us good morning. I am praying that this is the first & the LAST day that this happens. I for one am not ready to give up our snuggle time. He's my baby, he can't grow up--not yet. 

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