Friday, January 31, 2014

A Couple FIRSTS for the South Boys

This last week brought a couple FIRSTs for each of our boys & one of them is certainly worth noting while the other is just sad. We'll start with the sad one first & although its sad, we are 100% blessed.

Kaden's first, well that just happened to be an ear infection. I got a text from our day care provider on Tuesday around 4:30 stating that Kaden had been complaining about his ear, his left ear to be more precise. I had a flight out the next morning & figured that Justin could just take him to the walk-in clinic. WRONG. It couldn't wait but I wasn't 100% sure where to go. & when I don't know where to go, I pick up my phone & send out a message to my mommy co-workers & quicker than Google could return my search, I had 3 great locations & off we went.

Side note---I am not sure I would be able to do this mommy thing without my co-workers. & I don't mean to diminish any of the advice and relationships that I have with my other friends & even family for that matter but these girls, well they get to hear it all & always know the right thing to say. We all have kids that are the same age & going through the same things & knowing this, hashing these things out on a weekly or daily basis, keeps me a little more sane. Thanks girls--you all know who you are!

All it took was one tiny peek in his ear and the doctor was ready to confirm it was an ear infection. He was however, surprised that Kaden had never had an ear infection before. He said that 95% of children by the time they are 4 have had an ear infection--well we made it 4 years, 4 months and 28 days. 

Poor guys cheeks just got more red as the night went on but after some medicine and some ibuprofen he was feeling much better. & as you can see, it was pretty bad, so bad I let my big guy take his doggy lovey with him to see the doctor & that lovey isn't allowed out of the house unless he is staying the night someplace. 

& if you are ever needing an urgent care for your kids, Children's Mercy has an urgent care off of 135th and Metcalf-ish & Lamar-ish. They are staffed with pediatric doctors from 10 am to 10 pm & was exactly what this mom needed. 


Logan's FIRST, well it was a little more fun or at least it was for him. Not all people LOVE going to the dentist & Logan wasn't sure what lied ahead for him but again, anything Kaden can do, he can do better… (I just had a flashback of the GAP commercial)

Kaden has been going to Jenkins & LeBlanc for a little over a year now and we decided on Kaden's next appointment we would take Logan too. That was Tuesday & day 3 of potty training! Kaden jumped up but was complaining about his eyes (part of the head cold he is suffering from) so I wasn't sure how it would go for Logan. But with everything else, he surprised us.

He let the doctor count his teeth & even let the dental hygienist clean his teeth. & because he did such a great job, he got a balloon, a bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss sticks, two tokens to get a couple toys & ice cream. YES, I said ice cream! It was only 9:30 in the morning but they say its better than suckers so who am I to challenge their thinking.

Both boys got two thumbs up on their checkups! & Logan made it through the whole appointment & back to Brenda's without any accidents. That didn't last long as he did have a couple at Brenda's that day but for the rest of the week he has be batting 1000! & I won't lie, I have mixed feelings about this whole being potty trained thing--yes, we won't be buying diapers but my lil guy isn't so lil anymore. & now that he is out of diapers, will we ever want to go back...

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