Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Letter.

I wasn't sure whether or not I should post this letter on here but then again, this blog is for me. For the boys. Its a way to remember those special moments or those every day kind of moments & this is certainly one of those special moments we NEED to remember.

We have made the decision not to send Kaden to Kindergarten next year. His birthday is August 31st which is one day before the cutoff, so technically, he could go if we wanted him too but we don't. We think another year to mature a little more will make a world of difference & we would much rather him be the oldest in the class than one of the youngest. I also know that each child, boy or girl, is different. Some boys that are born on the same day as Kaden may be going to school and that is perfectly fine. We just believe that this is the best thing for Kaden. & since we were going to wait another year, we figured that we wouldn't start the REAL pre-school until Kaden turned 5. Our dear Ms. Brenda has her own curriculum & her goal is always to have her boys and girls ready to enter Kindergarten by the time they go. It amazes me the things that Kaden (and Logan) know & its not because I sit at home with flashcards and beat them over the head with these concepts. Its all Ms. Brenda.

In the last month we have noticed a few changes in Kaden's behavior that got us all to thinking---maybe a couple of days of pre-school a week might be a good thing for Kaden (and Logan too). Kaden is now the oldest at daycare, by at least a year & a half and where the little ones will sit and play on their own and be perfectly content, Kaden likes to have someone to play with him. & frankly, we think he needs to be around more kids his own age & learn what is really expected of him in a larger group & in a school atmosphere. Academically, he could probably go to Kindergarden tomorrow and be just fine but socially, he isn't quiet ready so come next Friday he is off to pre-school. (I am sure I will cry dropping him off!) We actually got to visit his "new" school last week and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. He is so excited that he gets to go to school where Grammy teaches! Fingers crossed drop off goes well.

But back to the letter, we got this letter from Ms. Brenda last Friday (Nov. 1st) afternoon…

Kayla & Justin-

I just want to take a minute to first off give Kaden some well deserved praise, secondly let you know where he is academically. Kaden is doing an amzing job with his learning activities. I believe he is above scale when it comes to printing his name, letters and numbers. Very impressive! He has mastered (with ease I might add) using/holding scissors correctly, his pencil and crayons. That task has been known to be a bit of a challenge, not for Kaden though. He has conquered matching, same and different, shapes and colors. Now making great strides with patterns and rhyming. We will continue to learn rhyming and patterning for his math and reading skills. I will be adding opposites in the next week. He will also continue to practice his printing skills with numbers and letters and have some fun learning to draw with shapes. 

I am so very proud of Kaden!! He is a smart, kind, loving, well mannered little boy and he has achieved so much in such a short time. Great job, Kaden!!

I know he will be starting pre-school soon and I am here to do anything I can do to support all of you with this transition, and to support Kaden in his continuous growth and love for learning.

If I haven't said so lately please let me say it now, its been a pure joy to love and teach your boys! I am so grateful you have given me the opportunity to be part of their lives. True Blessings!

Thank you!! 

Love, Brenda

As one would imagine, tears flooded my eyes as I read this. Not only am I so proud of Kaden but to have found someone who cares as much as Brenda does for our boys is the best feeling. I am sitting here typing this & counting down the house until I have to catch a flight to DC & although I will miss my boys dearly, I am not worried one bit about their safety or care while I am gone. Ms. Brenda is the reason that both Justin and I can work outside the home & she has been (not to steal her words) a true blessing for our family.

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