Tuesday, September 24, 2013

98+ years in the making

A few weekends ago we had the very talented Katy Gitto meet us back out for a family shoot--one very special family shoot. Justin's grandma, Nanny, would be turning 99 in December & we thought it was about time to update our "big" family picture. We pulled this photo shoot together in about a weeks time--and anyone that knows me, I like to plan & having to pull outfits together for the four of us so quickly was not something I was excited for but if we wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather,  I had to push through!

We were ALL hoping that with the warmer weather Nanny would be open to going down to the garden & possibly walking down to the lake. You see, every day is different with Nanny. You aren't sure if you are going to catch her on a good day--where she will sit & talk with you, listen & joke with the boys & if the day is really good take the elevator down 3 floors and sit on a swing for a little while. On the bad days, we spend more time trying to get her settled than anything else. She often says "I'll just go back to my room." Its sad, heartbreaking--she is almost 99, but when those good days happen, they are AMAZING.

When picture day came. We had one AMAZINGLY good day. Nanny seemed excited to get her picture taken. She allowed me to move her walker away from her & this woman does not like her walker out of hands reach---I learned that the hard way. She walked outside with us. She waited a few minutes for Katy to arrive & she made her way to the chair we sat up for her. She sat there and smiled, laughed and even put Justin in his place. It was such a great morning & we are all so thrilled to have captured these pictures with Nanny.

So to my family---be ready, were doing the same thing within the next few months. I am hiring someone in the SWMO area to come and take our family pictures & you WILL be there. There is no reason to put something like this off. Take the time, hire someone, & capture those memories.

I mean, look at her & the family she created--98+ years in the making.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Cutest Newsboy EVER.

Last year we went the Superhero route, this year we went old school with a little newsboy theme. I scoured idea after idea and as soon as I ran across a close-up picture of a little boy in a newsboy hat I knew that was it. Next up the clothes-a little hop, skip & jump over to and we had ourselves a newsboy hat, a cute little oxford shirt and jeans that had suspenders built right in. Now we just had to cross our fingers that it all arrived on time and that it all would fit and more importantly that Kaden would go along and humor me with the shoot. 

I contacted the wonderful Katy at Katy Gitto Photography & she just happened to have the perfect location and the perfect prop to go along with my perfect newsboy and his paper! We had gorgeous weather & Kaden was in a pretty darn good mood. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with how these turned out. So forgive me while I dump a whole lot of cuteness on you…

& you won't have to wait a full year until our next themed shoot--Logan will turn three in May & we will start having a little fun with themed shoots for him too!

this is the paper from the day Kaden was born so happy i saved it. 

this picture reminds me of my grandpa earl--suspenders and all

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm going to....

This blog isn't only about capturing the big events in our lives but its also about capturing the everyday "STUFF" that makes up our lives. & I could argue that the everyday "stuff"might just be more important than those big events & exactly where I have failed when it comes to capturing it all on this blog but not today. Today, well a few days ago, I captured one of my most favorite things that Logie does. I am not sure how long he will do this but I don't EVER want to forget it--its way too cute to forget.

So the story goes a little like this…

I love giving Logie kissy tickles--the kind where you get right in under their neck and kiss & kiss & kiss till they just fall over in laughter. I'll pull away & he will look right at me and through those giggles he'll say "gen mommy, gen" & who could resist this face?

I certainly can't so of course I took it one step further. I acted like I was EATING him. & would lean in and give him a BIG CHOMP and fill my cheeks with air. He couldn't get enough of it & now he does it on cue but more importantly at some of the most random times of the day. If you didn't know what he was doing or weren't paying attention you could miss the whole thing & that would be a great big downer.

He will yell "I gonna eat you." & then fills his chubby cheeks with air.

but being the smart boy that he is, he decided to add a little something extra…

Yup, he spits us out! Leans right on over and lets "it" fly-as if to say we aren't as sweet as he is. (Which we all know we clearly aren't!)

This little dude has the unique ability to bring a smile to my face no matter what kind of day I am having. & his cheeks have always been one of my favorite things about him & with this new little thing he does, it makes them that much more irresistible.

So if you see Logie around & need a good laugh, just let him know you are going to EAT HIM & he will make sure to get you FIRST!