Saturday, August 31, 2013


I don't even know where to begin. I have sat here for a few minutes now & just can't find the words to describe how I am feeling about my oldest turning four. Sure, I know its only four but its FOUR, as in, not three anymore. As in, one away from five & only two away from six which means KINDERGARTEN. The last four years have just flown by--since bring Kaden home a lot has happened. We remodeled a house. Gave him a brother. Sold the remolded home & bought our new home. We went on a number of trips that have taken us to 8 states & one beautiful island. He went from being the baby at Ms. Brenda's to being the big kid on the block. From sitting back and learning by examples that were set for him to being that example.

He has gone from an 8 pound 2 ounce, 19 3/4 inches long baby with a full head of black hair to a 40 pound little man who is 43 inches tall with blonde hair & blue eyes--which were there in the beginning & one trait that I can say he got from me.

Kaden keeps life interesting. We lovingly refer to him as our "Light Switch" because he can flip his moods off & on as quickly as you can turn the lights off & on. & if he is off, beware--he is something else but when he is ON, you manage to forget all the bad & you just want to soak up all his love, happiness & positive energy.

In the last year he has grown leaps and bounds in so many different ways. He has gotten a little braver when it comes to the loud noises & really has no fear when it comes to swimming and jumping. He is able to count to 100, spell & write his first and last name, & write his numbers to 15---all of these can be contributed to our wonderful day care provider, Ms. Brenda. 

He has always been the BEST big brother to Logan but in the last few months they have really become BEST FRIENDS. He doesn't like it when someone picks on Logan. He doesn't like it when Logan gets upset & he is easily the first one to tell him that everything is going to be okay, Logie. He loves helping his little brother out in whatever way he can--from finding the right shoes to helping climb a gym that he just can't quite make it through on his own. 

& the kid, well he says & does the darndest things now & most of which I have no idea where he gets it from. He told me the other day that a certain game was "tricky" & while we were at the lake this past week he pulled out the old cock your head side to side and crack your fingers jig before jumping into the lake. He does this just about every time he feels he is about to do something BIG. Cracks us up. 

Even though our first born is another year older he still hasn't lost any of his charming personality, it has only gotten bigger and better. He still manages to be one of the politest kids that I know (as long as he isn't switched off) & has the uncanny ability to catch on quickly when something is wrong with someone. He is a true sweetheart & has made these past 4 years the best 4 years of our lives. I couldn't be more proud & honored to be his mother and I don't let a day go by without him knowing just how much he is loved by us. & not just through words but by holding him, tickling him & stealing lots & lots of kisses.

Happy Birthday our sweet FOUR year old. Thank you for teaching me how to really LOVE & how to not take life so seriously. Thank you for adding a ray of sunshine to each and every day. We love you-to the moon & back. 

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