Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Party.

Wow. I almost forgot how to blog, its been over 2 weeks since my last post. & to be honest, I'm not really feeling this whole writing thing BUT this is more about documenting our lives than it is about me writing---& lets be honest, the writing isn't that great & its all about knowing what the kids are doing and seeing pictures of them. Lots of pictures of them.

But before I dive into this blog post, I should note that I have another post that has been in the works for 2 weeks, I just hit a very rough patch & just haven't found a way back to it. I'll get there. I'll document it but it may take time.

Now, onto the PARTY! We'll address the birthday boy in a future post but I figured I ought to at least document the party while I was feeling it…

Its hard to believe that Logan is about to turn two & has officially lived in this house longer than he lived in the old house. Planning this party was so different from all the past birthdays for both boys. I had an idea of the theme--dinosaurs but wasn't sure how I wanted it all to fit together.  Lots of ideas running through my head but literally besides knowing it was a dinosaur party,  nothing else got done until this week. In my head, I was thinking a fossil dig in the backyard. A dinosaur hunt. A few dinosaur tails & some cake. The adults sitting back and relaxing as the kids ran around the yard playing on the swing set and jumping in the bouncy house.

But then it happened. May. Snow. Rain. & all our plans had to change at pretty much the last minute & we moved all things party inside…

I focused the majority of the decorations around the cake table. We had a blue dino drink, green roar jello, dino tails & dino rocks. We had MoMo Roo cupcakes & a MoMo Roo special cake for the birthday boy. I found a few dinosaurs to put on the cupcakes & Rex for the "cake topper". I also bought a dinosaur birthday pack off of Etsy & the shop owner changed up the colors for me and personalized every little detail for us.

but the hit of the party was definitely the party favor-green & purple stuffed dinosaur tails. & I won't lie, I would have been crushed if the boys and girls didn't like their tales that Shanna with MoMo Roo created for us. But they did! They shook their tails off…

and it wouldn't be a birthday party without some cake! I decided to go ahead and get Logan another small cake, wanted him to have something a little more than a cupcake plus I had a cake banner to use from last year that got sent to the old house instead. I saved that sucker for a year & by golly, I was going to use it!

Look at this happy little guy! So blessed to call him our own.

waiting very patiently as everyone started to sing.

TAKE ONE--he couldn't wait any longer, he jumped the gun only halfway through the song.

TAKE TWO--Kaden butted in & decided he wanted a turn at blowing the candles out. 

TAKE THREE--song is over & he nailed it! Probably because he had a warm up try!

The icing was his favorite part. I gave him a huge piece of his cake and he picked off all the icing and then asked for a cupcake. A few pictures down, you'll see the cake, he doesn't touch it even though it was SOOO good. 

So there you have it. The party was a hit or at least I felt it was.  The best part of the party, our generous family and friends that came to celebrate with us & donate to one of our favorite local charities. For Kaden's 2nd birthday we decided to collect books in lieu of gifts & we decided books were the way to go for Logan's 2nd birthday too. He loves sitting and reading so it only made sense. We collected over 60 books for the boys & girls at Operation Breakthrough. Like I said, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. family & friends. 

Thank you all for being such important people in Logie's life. Thank you for loving him & teaching him. We are blessed. So VERY blessed. 

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