Thursday, May 16, 2013


Sometimes things need a little reworking before you figure out just what you want.

Before we moved into this house I had found an old wrought iron bed on craigslist that I couldn't wait to use in Kaden's new room. I kept it stored in our old, one car garage until a few months before moving when I pulled it out and started priming & spray painting it yellow. I wanted 'safety yellow' but I ended up with more of a sunshine yellow. It wasn't my favorite color but I could live with it, well Kaden could live it. I didn't do the best job when it came to prepping it either-it wasn't smooth & more than likely the rust would end up peeking through and the paint would start chipping & well we just couldn't have that, now could we?

Now forgive me with the pictures from this older blog post, it was a tad dark when I was trying to shoot but click here to see what the old bed looked like.

So how did we get it to look like this?

While my parent's were in town over Easter we broke Kaden's bed down, threw the mattress on the floor & loaded the frame up in their car. They took it home where someone they knew gave it a good power-washing which made it as smooth as a baby's bottom. Then they painted it the safety yellow that we had been looking for. And on Logan's birthday my parent's hauled it back up to us, we put the frame back together, threw the mattress on top & Kaden ran in and shouted "Yea, Baby". 

It is amazing what a REAL paint job can do to a piece of furniture. Now the question becomes, what color do we paint Logan's bed, because I found an identical bed on Craigslist and we are picking it up on Sunday! Time to get that little boy out of one said crib and into his own big boy bed. 

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