Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three Hundred Sixty Five Days Later...

Its really amazing what a difference a year can make. This weekend marked our first anniversary in our new home and when I actually sit down and think about, it seems like we have been here a lot longer than that. I can hardly remember everything that went on that day but I do know that it started out looking a little like this…

and then after the first few days of unpacking we fell right into the swing of things and invited over our friends and family for some BBQ. Like I said, its amazing what a difference a year can make, get a load of Kaden & Madi...

and Logan, well he doesn't even look like the same kid either. When we moved into the house last year I was planning his first birthday and here I am planning his second birthday---guess thats how it goes. Its just kind of nuts to think that he has spent more time in this home than he did in the one that we brought him home to from the hospital. 

Some of my favorite memories from our first year here were our family walks around the lake, covering the driveway with chalk, hearing the boys laughing and giggling as they chase the dogs around the backyard. Our first Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween--heck every holiday for that matter. And although we might not have any more FIRST holidays or First BBQs, we will be making many MORE memories here in our home. And if the next 20 years are anywhere close to what this first year has been for us, we are in for one pretty good adventure.


I should also probably mention that I do think about the 8806 house. After all it was Justin's first home purchase, where we started our lives as husband and wife,  where we brought both boys home to & had one pretty amazing roomie-Jamie. I drive by about once a month to see how it looks and to see if there are any changes that they have made and to hopefully catch a few old neighbors outside playing to give a friendly wave. When I drove by this past weekend I just had to smile, it looked as though it did 5 years ago with 5 cars parked outside the house early on a Sunday morning. Before marriage, before kids you could about bet your money on it that we would have at least a few people sleeping on the couch after a fun night out. Its good to see that the new owner is enjoying it as much as we did!

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