Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3/17 or 4/22

Whether you choose the 17th of March or the 22nd of April, it still means one thing---FIVE YEARS.

And so for our 5 year anniversary I asked Justin for a photo shoot--just him and I. I had all these grand ideas and had even sent Ms. Katy a number of ideas so that she had an idea of what I was going for--yes, I am that client! 

But when it came down to it, it felt weird for it to be just Justin and I. After all, our family grew by 4 feet over the past five years and not to include them just seemed wrong. So the week before our shoot we scratched a number of my ideas and just decided to focus on ALL of us & sneak a few of Justin and I in. 

About a month ago, Justin left part of the KC Star behind and on the front of the section was the Red Bridge Road and the LOCK of LOVE. I knew we had to have our photo shoot here and that we would place our own lock onto the bridge and have the boys toss the keys into the creek below & that is exactly what we did. We met Ms. Katy right before sunset and the rest well, she captured it perfectly. 

Thank you Katy--you have an amazing ability to capture our boys and our family. I hope one day that my images capture the emotion and love that you are able to!

*pictures are courtesy of Katy Gitto Photography.

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