Saturday, March 9, 2013

three & a half

I never really noticed it until a co-worker of mine mentioned that she had become MOM basically over night. Mommy was no longer in her little girl's vocabulary. I thought to myself, I may cry when that day comes. Little did I know, it had happened, I just didn't realize it. Every morning since she told me that story it has been…

"MOM, I'm awake."

"Mom, you're home."

"Mom, can have some milk."

My first baby is growing up way too fast & I was damn sure to celebrate whatever I could--enter his half birthday. My husband (and my father) couldn't believe we were celebrating half birthdays but I am not sure why, we haven't missed one half birthday yet!

I didn't want to do anything big, just a little cake with some candles. So we bought a box of yellow cake mix and pulled up Pinterest to see what we could do with it. We decided to go with Cake Pancake, basically you take the cake mix and you mix it like you normally would and then just fry it up like pancakes. Justin did the frying while I did the icing and lets just say one of us failed miserably!!

but it didn't matter how it looked, they loved it! And actually it was pretty good, sweeter than the normal yellow cake we are used to but still good.

And since we haven't had a photo shoot with Kaden for awhile, I took him out today for a quick one. I made the mistake of taking Logan and Grandma Sara along for the ride because Kaden just wanted to run wild and explore every little building that Red Oak II has on its property. I tried to keep up with my camera and I even tried to bribe a little & honestly, I got what I needed. Where they as perfect as they could have been. No but they were Kaden being Kaden--and he was smiling ear to ear.

I am one lucky MOM, not Mommy, MOM. This kid can light up any room. He has hit an age where he just says the funniest things & frankly Justin and I will look at each other and wonder where he comes up with these things. I am doing my best when it comes capturing these sayings so that when he is older and takes a look back through his baby books, he will get a good chuckle too, or maybe one day his own kids will.

Now don't get me wrong, we still have our meltdowns, what three year old doesn't, but we spend much more of our time smiling and telling stories rather than crying and throwing fits. More time snuggling and reading books rather than wrestling him into bed, the car or to eat. & most importantly more time saying "I LOVE YOU."

I love you too buddy-to the moon & back.

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