Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Raising Brothers

Choosing the word "Raising" may be a little bit of a stretch considering they are only 3 1/2 and 22 months old but nevertheless, it still doesn't change the fact that the moment you step foot into our house you instantly know we have BOYS.

Today we had our 11 month inspection---the fact that we have been here for almost an entire year is mind blowing---as we walked around the house and the builder checked the windows & doors for proper fitting, I found myself staring down the walls. Looking at the chips in the paint from toys being flung into the wall--it was an accident Mom. The dirty handprints which lead you all the way up the staircase. & don't forget the spilled drinks caked on those very same 11 month old painted walls. Every single one needing to be repainted.

After getting over the fact that the walls needed to be painted--of which we are in the process of picking out new colors!!--I started to realize just how much our HOME has been "lived in" in just 11 short months. Sure there isn't a single room which is completely finished BUT we have made our marks & have made this house, our home. We wasted no time wearing in the carpets from playing soccer in the house, or letting the kids chase one another in their capes, or by riding their bikes and cars around the living room and kitchen. This house home gave us everything that we asked for-an open concept so that we could spend more time together as a family. A home that was LIVED in and where there isn't a single room that is off limit or isn't being used--where furniture can be easily replaced if the boys LIVE too much.

And if the handprints on the walls weren't enough to let you know that we are busy raising two boys then all you would have to do is take a look at the playroom. It is certain to be a dead giveaway. From the countless number of trucks to the train track, the Hot Wheels to Transformers & Superheroes--they all spell out BOY. The latest addition to our toy line up---Legos.

I remember growing up and my brother getting lots of Legos. We would spend hours putting them together, taking them apart and then putting them back together. And then over the last year or so my little nephew started getting into Legos, its all he wanted for Christmas 2011 & you better believe that is exactly what this aunt gave him. Kaden isn't a stranger to Legos, we actually bought him his first Lego on our Minneapolis trip but it wasn't anything special, he still played with it-just not like the boys play with these…

For Valentine's Day we gave the boys a couple Lego kits. They came with a story book and you build the toy as you read along. Kaden got one with a car and an airplane while Logan got one with farm animals. My boys don't sit still very long but we are pretty much guaranteed at least 30 minutes of quiet playing when they bring out their bags of Legos. I know it is only a matter of time before they choose a new favorite toy but I really hope they never truly out grow Legos.

You know, I may never see Barbies, Princesses, My Little Ponies or anything PINK for that matter in our toy room but thats okay. I have come to terms with it. If we have another baby, I know the likelihood of it being a BOY is pretty well, likely & I am totally okay with that. I can totally see my boys running towards the house covered from head to toe in dirt carrying a pail full of snakes and grasshoppers. I can be that Mom. The Mom that says, what can we put them in & Googles what each need to eat to stay alive. I can & with these two, I know I will.

Oh and not only is playing with Legos fun for Logie, he gets pretty thirsty doing it too…

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