Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day FINALLY Came

We woke the boys up and said we had a HUGE surprise for them but first we had to go see Nanny & then take a nap. They were not so happy when they heard the word NAP but luckily, they played along and fell right to sleep.

Before they headed off to bed they got to see this…

a big pile of wood that didn't make one ounce of sense to Kaden & especially to Logan. Kaden just kept asking "who are those guys?" And we just kept telling him that they were going to build him something very special & when they woke up, he would know exactly what it was. 

It only took a matter of 3 hours or so & it went from the above to this…

We were itching to get the kids up from their naps but WE decided it would be best for them to get a GOOD nap. Next thing I know, Justin heads upstairs to make a little noise and comes down with Kaden. Right! Like he just happened to already be awake when Justin stomped across the floor…

He told Kaden to close his eyes and to keep them closed. Kaden followed instructions. Justin brought him over to the windows & told him he could open them. The first words out of his mouth were exactly what we wanted to hear…

"WOW, is that for me?" "Can I go swing?"

You most definitely can buddy & with a cheer of excitement he woke up Logie but that was perfectly fine by us. We didn't want the little guy to miss out on any of the fun. & fun it was…

and for the next 45 minutes they played hard & I just kept thinking about all the Spring, Summer & Fall days that are just ahead where we will be sitting on the deck, watching the Royals on TV, Justin will be grilling hamburgers & we will be having drinks with friends all while our little kids are running, laughing & playing in the yard. I can't wait for those days to begin! 

So here is the official South invite. First Saturday with 60 degree weather--burgers are on us. & I know that before the BBQ even ends, we will be planning our next one. 

And if we can't be reached by phone (highly doubtful, my phone & camera are attached to my hips) you will know we are in the backyard making more memories with the boys! Some come on over & join the fun!


If you need a company to help install or in our case INSTALL COMPLETELY, you should really check out Rec Installations--they were GREAT. They knew everything about the set we bought--this particular guy has done over 1000 swing sets himself. They also do basketball goals and lot of other recreational equipment.

Ask for Steve and mention our name, they do a referral program for both sides! Plus they often have a $25 coupon in the Value-Paks.

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