Friday, February 1, 2013

& just like that.

January comes to an end. Where did this last month go? It was busy with both family time and with work. It was a good month but I am not the least bit sad to see it go, it means we are that much closer to the days were we can be outside watching the kids play and listening to their laughs each and every night. I miss those days of spring and summer...

A couple posts ago we saw Logan taking his new wheels for a spin. Well, Kaden finally got his chance. I figured he might just take off and never look back but he didn't get too far before he was checking out where Logan was. As much as he might not always like having a shadow, he misses him when he's not around.

See Pete & Repeat. Vroom. Vroom. 

And as you can tell, Kaden is on the new RED four wheeler while Logan got the hand-me-down yet again. Good thing Logan doesn't really care what color he drives, all that matters to him is that it goes!

But with a little suggestion by Mommy, Kaden happily handed Mr. RED over for Logan to take a spin.

He even let Logan play with his Lightening McQueen tricycle. Sharing isn't always Kaden's strong suit, in fact, it can be quite challenging to get him to share but he has his moments and those moments are what matter. After all he is 3, we can't expect the world out of him--just yet.


Happy weekend y'all. We are set to have some great fun this month…ITS BIRTHDAY MONTH. Mine to be more exact & although I have a few more business trips over the coming weeks, we are going to make the most of when I am home. Which won't be too difficult to do if the weather cooperates at all because the swing set is being delivered on Monday--boy was that fast! Now we just gotta get someone to put it together without Kaden and Logan knowing. I can't wait to see the look on Kaden's face, we might just have to cover the windows with sheets and do a big reveal…

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