Monday, February 4, 2013

If you think about it...

Our family wouldn't be complete without our four-legged friends. Stoli & Brodi bring so much joy into our lives. They never hold a grudge & are always waiting at the back door wagging their tales to greet us when we come home.

They don't ask for anything special-just some extra love & attention once the boys go to bed. They let Kaden & Logan climb all over them. Pull their ears, their tales, chase them with cars and bikes. & when friends come over with their kids, Stoli & Brodi treat them as though they are their own. They watch over them & of course want to be in the middle of all the play. The more kids crawling on them, the better. In one word--they are AWESOME. Couldn't ask for two better dogs & our lives would certainly be a lot less sweet if they weren't around.

So tonight, I ask you all to keep our dear Brodi in your thoughts & maybe say a little prayer for him if you have a spare second. Tomorrow we take him in to have a spot removed. We have been told the spot isn't anything to be worried about but since it has gotten bigger they suggest we take care of it sooner rather than later. So tomorrow is the day. I know he will be fine & he will be watched over closely but still, he has to be put under & that just makes this Mommy worry a little more.

It might sound crazy that I ask for extra thoughts and prayers but he is family, our family & our boys are so in love with him. & so are we.

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