Saturday, February 9, 2013

21 Months...

We are 3 months away from Logan turning two. I am not quite sure how that is even remotely possible. I can still vividly remember him being placed in my arms for the first time and how I just looked down at this itty bitty human in amazement. Fast forward 21 months and he ain't so itty bitty anymore but he still seems to find ways to amaze me each and every day.

Within the last month Logan has picked up on more words and has started slowly combining those words. He has went from having a slightly drunk-ish looking run to looking a little more sober & stable plus he has gotten much quicker.

But if you asked me what this last month was all about for Logan, I would say DINO! He has become attached to his dinosaur & you better believe it sleeps with him each night, right alongside Froggy, Giraffe & Baby--and yes, we get pretty creative when it comes to naming things. Dino takes baths with Logan, he gets to go on car rides & some times he even manages to make it to the dinner table. So when it came time for our monthly mini-shoot, Dino got to make an appearance too, after all, this is about capturing anything & everything our little 21-month-old-just-three-months-shy-of-two-but-who-is-couting Logan likes to do.

& without further adieu, enjoy the overwhelming amount of pictures of my oh-so-cute twenty-one month old. I know I am biased, I am his mother, but he has got to be tied for the cutest kid I have ever seen!

& for those who say the second kid gets screwed when it comes to pictures--they should come visit our house!

See, I can climb too, MOM.

Geesh Mom, have you gotten enough yet?

his second attempt at ending the session

at least the sucker didn't come into play until the very end. Oh, he was promised one from the beginning but he has finally reached the age where he gets the "reward".

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