Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Outtakes of Christmas

I couple of posts ago I mentioned that I had a lot more pictures to share and since I don't want to start the NEW YEAR off on a lie, here you go. Oh and Happy New Year too! For the second year in a row we spent New Years with our family in the Northland, Wisconsin that is. Like always, our time with the Garretts was WAY too short but so enjoyable-more to come on that.

Almost always you will find me with my camera attached to my hip but not this Christmas. This Christmas I left it in my NEW camera bag (for the most part) & reached for my iPhone. If you follow me on Instagram some of these pictures you will recognize but a few of them are brand spanking new & saved specifically for this blog.

Decorating Nanny's Christmas tree.

Visiting with Santa

Hard at work for friends at day care.

Reindeer, complete.

Our AWESOME gift from the boys.

Kaden was so proud of his creation. This Momma was too.

Our Christmas Tree with my handmade yarn bows. 

Lauren making snowflakes for Newtown, CT. 

Maddie lovin.

Kaden got his vey own pair of Carhartts from his cousin Brett & he just had to put them on.

Family Nap time. 3 kids & 3 dogs-quiet as can be-Chiefs game was boring as always.

Kaden was given his very own Carthage Police badge & beware, he is a stickler.

May have been the cutest thing all weekend-Kaden helping his baby cousin get around.

Christmas Skype style.

What Santa left...

Vroom, Vroom. 

Beep. Beep.

Hard to believe that another Christmas has come and gone. So very thankful for the wonderful family that I have been blessed with and the extra time we were all able to spend together over the holiday.  

Up next-Roadtrippin' with a 3 year old & a 19 month old & how we did. Plus a 2012 year in review, we had so much to be thankful for this past year that I can't help but recap and relive it once more!

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