Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making the MOST of it.

This weekend is shaping up to be one VERY nice weekend & the weather was just perfect enough to throw on a sweatshirt, a beanie & RIDE.

This was the first real time that Logan has gotten to enjoy his Christmas present from Papa Tom & Grandma Sara. We let him try it out in the house a few times but we couldn't wait to get him outside with it. Lucky for him, Kaden took a longer nap & Logan got us all to himself & didn't have to worry about BIG brother wanting to ride on his NEW RED four-wheeler rather than riding the old green one he got when he was Logan's age…

It didn't take much time at all and Logan was off…off in the grass that is!

But he didn't seem to mind one bit. He was having a blast...

and he likes to live on the edge too but this Mommy doesn't really like seeing him drive with only one hand. TWO & TEN LOGAN. TWO & TEN.

being in the "safe" grass shortly wore off and when he wasn't able to go as fast as he wanted, he pulled that four-wheeler straight to the driveway. This kid meant business.

and if looking through these pictures can't put a smile on your face, not sure what could. Logan was having the time of his life-just wish Papa Tom & Grandma Sara could have been here to witness it in person. Then again, I am sure we'll be charging it every evening cause it looks like this kid is going to live on this all spring long-so they'll get their chance to see him live in action. 

Not sure how long this weather will last, especially for January, so we gotta take advantage of it when we can! Happy SPRING-like weekend…

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