Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yup. That's me. I hoard. I admit it. You could look in my night stand and you will find things in there from high school. And that might not be so out of the norm but they are the most RANDOM items. So random.

My office at work, I have QAGS (quarterly advisor guides for those who don't get the acronym) from 2007-you just never know when you might need the 2Q2007 YTD return for a fund.

Even though, I may hoard things here and there, I won't be appearing on any future episodes of Hoarders-I ain't that crazy--sorry to disappoint. It does however get me to wondering why I hold onto some things and not others…

I do like to believe that my hoarding has come in handy since having kids. For instance, when birthdays and holidays come around, I tend to stash, hoard, or put back some of the gifts the boys receive for a rainy day. And boy did it come in handy this past Monday when we were all home sick with the flu. I was by far feeling the worst on Monday and the boys, especially Logan was starting to perk up and wanted to play. All I wanted to do was put Despicable Me on repeat and take one very LONG nap. But since napping was out of the question or at least it was until they went down for their nap, we had to find something to occupy our time. So I dug into my hoarding pile and brought out some new puzzles from Christmas and a new game-ZINGO.

ZINGO was the BOMB-O. Thanks Adam, Becky and Colton, the boys had a lot of fun. So much fun, that we have had to play it every night for the past three nights, five plus games a night.

And before you even say anything. Yes, that is a Sonic tea sitting next to me, shouldn't come as a surprise any longer though.

And you can't have a family game night without a little pouting. This is one of Kaden's latest tactics on trying to get his way. "I'm calling the COPS on you MOM!" Can't help but laugh at it.

Now Zingo is kind of Bingo but you race to see who can get their card filled first. We aren't to the racing part but we can certainly fill our cards quickly. And don't be turned off by the age suggestion on the box, 4 to 7--heck our 20 month old can play this game. Frankly, I was a little surprised at how well he can match at his age. He is like a little sponge and once again, wants to show everyone that he can do everything his big brother can do. Please. Make. Time. Stand. Still. My baby is growing up way too quickly.

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