Monday, January 14, 2013


It is no secret that we have lived in our home for about 9 months now and its still a work in progress. We decided that we wouldn't just buy furniture to buy furniture and wouldn't just hang up random stuff to fill the wall space. We would live with things bare until we figured out exactly what we wanted. Logan's room is probably the farthest along but still is missing one key piece BUT I at least know what I want…

Kaden's room is another story but we are starting to get there-with the help of some super cute Moose flannel sheets, a cute throw, a bright yellow bed and one white moose head. Next we needed some art & badly. There were WAY too many bare walls--still are--but again, making progress…

First, the WHY behind the project & then the project itself.

It had to be meaningful & hopefully one day, inspire. Kaden has a love for SUPERHEROES. But what boy at 3 doesn't...

He puts on his Batman cape, his Batman underwear and he takes off flying.

Thinking that he can conquer the world. That he can save the day by rescuing the damsel in distress all while taking out the bad guys. There isn't a building too tall that he couldn't scour, a mountain to tall he couldn't climb. He is unstoppable. Or at least he BELIEVES he is & that is ALL that matters.

& I pray he NEVER forgets that. The sky is the limit for this kid. All he needs to do is spread his wings and FLY.


So keeping this in mind, I went to Pinterest to find something to fit the bill. And like always, Pinterest did not disappoint. I found this from the Domestic Project (which you can find here).

I decided to go with it and really only change a few of the colors. At first I was thinking that the yellow canvases would be the way to go but with Kaden's bed being yellow I came to the conclusion that there would be WAY too much yellow going on up in there. Plus I already had the perfect color on hand…

So during nap-time one Sunday afternoon I decided tackle the job of painting the canvases. Once the kids were up everything else was put on hold…

A little later Kaden helped make a few airplanes to act as place holders and I started stenciling in the tails using a sharpie oil based pen.

and then finally after everything had dried and the planes were stuck good and hard, we hung it up. It adds just that special touch that we, well I was looking for.

One more project completed and man did it feel good--it had been WAY too long…

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