Friday, December 21, 2012

A Catch-Up Post

The last few weeks have been busy, heck the last few months have been busy. And I most certainly haven't been the best when it comes to keeping this blog as up to date as I would like but if I haven't been playing with the kids, I have been up editing pictures (way past my bedtime) or wrapping presents to go under our tree.  It was nice not to feel the pressure of the blog on top of everything else but it does make me a little sad when I look back knowing I missed capturing some of our day to day fun. So here I am, playing catch-up...

I should also note that I haven't gotten my camera out as much while at home with the boys, I am trying to be more present and I can't always do that with a camera attached to my hip so I went with what I had-the old iPhone. It might not be as great as my Canon but it gets the job done & as an added bonus, Kaden gets to take his turn behind the camera!

This past Thanksgiving was a tough one for our family-we lost a dear friend & honestly, when I think of Thanksgiving, he is all that I think about. However, when I looked through my phone, I found a few more pictures that needed sharing.

We hosted Thanksgiving & we all know how LITTLE cooking I do so my contribution came in the way of decor. Kaden and I made a last minute trip to Michaels & while there we found Justin an apron. He is always talking about getting one so why not get him a festive one. That morning the boys colored it and Justin wore it proudly-so proudly that he wouldn't allow me to take a picture that included his face--only the apron Kayla!

My other contribution was dessert, more specifically, my Grandma Hartley's brownie dessert and by the looks of it, I did it justice!


Since Thanksgiving it has been go, go go. There is a lot to do when it comes to getting this family ready for the holiday season. We visited Santa & baked cookies. We celebrated Nanny's 98th birthday-98 as in 9-8 & man does she not look amazing for being two years shy of 100. She even managed to blow out all her candles, granted we only lit 9 and gave her a few extra tries but she got 'em.

We decorated the house for the Christmas holiday. We hung our ornaments-both old and new, strung garland around the staircase & the mantle. Eagerly waited for Christmas cards  to start arriving so they too could be hung with care--receiving Christmas cards easly makes my top 5 list of things I love about Christmas. This year opening the holiday cards was even more special & for more than one reason too--yes, I loved seeing pictures that I have taken being used but Kaden, well he loved ripping into each card and pointing out everyone he knew. I love that he gets just as excited, if not more so, than I do!!

We made treats for all the boys' friends at day care.

We had to make sure that the boys looked their best so of course that meant a trip to Sports Clips to get, as my husband would say, their wigs split.

We wrapped presents, well lets clarify that, I wrapped while they played. One might think they would play with their trucks, the new toys they got as early Christmas gifts, their LeapPad, the iPad or even just read a book but no-they play with paper towels. PAPER TOWELS. As odd as it may be, I love that their little imaginations are hard at work.


Speaking of hard at work, well hard work to be more specific. My colleagues and I met up one day & made over 50 fleeced blankets for the young patients at Children's Mercy. I am so grateful to work with such kind & caring people who this year put more love (& sweat) into our giving project than any prior year.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." --Mother Teresa  

So there you have it. A little update on what we have been up to. Its hard to believe that 2012 is only a few days from being over and yet there is still so much celebrating to be had. Luckily it starts for us tomorrow as we head on down 71 Hwy to Papa Tom & Grandma Sara's. Our bags are packed but more important the presents are too…

And yes, that would be 15 presents in one bag, one amazingly HUGE bag that my SIL had made for me one year! Not only is it a great way to carry presents into the house but its great for carry all the gifts the boys receive home too!

Safe travels everyone & enjoy the holiday. I hope to be back with a few more holiday posts but if I not, just assume we are having too much fun…

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