Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Beautiful Spring-LIKE Weekend

If not for the beautiful displays of Christmas lights, the cheerful holiday music & the ever so important job of moving Mr. Elf to his new "home" each night-one would have a hard time believing that it is December 2nd and not April 2nd. We have had some gorgeous weekends & I have had some very lucky photography clients but most importantly, we have had some very happy kids-on the weekends that is.

When it comes to Mr. Elf (still doesn't have a name but I want Kaden & Logan to pick out the name so maybe next year) he showed up at our house the morning after Thanksgiving and unfortunately he hasn't flown back to the North Pole every night-a certain mom keeps forgetting to move him! But the boys did find him in a bath of marshmallows and then hanging out on our Thankful tree-not to creative I admit but I am okay with that! My dear friend Korie passed along a story written by a mom who is also a failure at moving the Elf each night and I just laughed at her outlook on it! She is so right-it is me who would clean up any mess that the Elf might make! Plus, the Elf is suppose to report back to Santa & if the kids are suppose to be good, shouldn't the elf be good too, who's watching him??

If you are up for a good laugh, read this - People I Want To Punch In the Throat

Yesterday we were invited to attend a friend's church holiday party. I had heard this church had an amazing children's program & I had been wanting to check it out for awhile so we took advantage of the 65 degree weather and made our way through the petting zoo, the jingle jams, & sensory shop. We created our own ornaments and even ended the trip by icing our own cookies. Kaden had a blast running from room to room, the only problem. We saw Angela, Jake and Hannah at the very beginning  for about 5 minutes and then we were off, Kaden was checking things out at lightening speeds. If their children's program is anything close to their holiday event, our kids will LOVE going there to learn about Christ and to begin to build on their foundation in faith. It also doesn't hurt that it is a measly 5 minutes from our house-Woot. Woot.

Are these not the cutest little wise men you have EVER laid eyes on??

But before we left for church I had brought out Twas the Night Before Christmas to get us in the Christmas spirit and maybe to work a little photo shoot in for the boys--had a creative idea but the next thing I know, they are reading away on their own, Kaden even managed to find the suckers I had for bribing! They did way better on their own than I would have ever done trying to direct or stage!

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