Sunday, November 18, 2012

Honored-Plain & Simple

Today was a very special day for this little guy…

he was welcomed into the church-the church were his parents said their vows and their I dos. Today we celebrated Nathan. Nathan Patrick Walsh.

They day would have been just perfect if all we did was sit with the congregation and witness his baptism but it was more than that. Justin and I stood up next to his parents as he was baptized. We made vows to watch over him and guide him through life. To be a strong presence of faith for him & for his parents. And although it goes without saying, we vow to love him as our own and to support him in every endeavor he takes. We can't wait to watch this little man grow before our eyes…

We are truly honored to have been given the wonderful job as God Parents to Nathan. To know that his parents have such faith & trust in Justin and I means more than words can describe. I have said it more than once and I will continue to say it, we are extremely lucky to have such great friends who aren't just friends but are our family too. I can honestly sit here and say that loving Nathan, encouraging Nathan, supporting & guiding him through life will come as easy as loving, encouraging, supporting & guiding our own children through life. We are beyond blessed when it comes to this family and to the honor they gave to us today. We love you.


I'll have to steal a few pictures from Nathan's mom, dad & grandmas cause I didn't really pick up my camera. I did have Toni snap this picture of us with my phone before we headed home though…

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