Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Boy Underwear

Tonight I am taking a moment to brag on my biggest, little man. He has been potty trained since the end of May but have been wearing pull-ups at night just to be sure. There have been mornings where he has waken up completely dry but then there are MORE mornings were its not. So we just went with the flow (literally)-didn't want to push it and certainly didn't want him to feel as though he was failing so we kept buying the pull-ups. A little over a week ago I started noticing that his pull-ups were heavier than usual and I asked him about it. He flat out said "its okay Mom, I just now peed in it."


This kid realized that a pull-up was just like a diaper and that he didn't need to get up to go to the bathroom. He could just go wherever, whenever as long as the pull-up was on. So you know what I did? I took the pull-ups away & made a big deal about wearing big boy underwear all night long. Knock on wood--he hasn't had one accident since taking them away. In fact, I got a 5 am wake up call "Mommy, I need to PEE." this morning. This dude is good.

Now I am fully aware that some kids don't even use pull-ups and that some kids are in pull-ups for a little while longer, that it truly depends on each kid but for us, Kaden was just using them as a crutch and we just needed to call his bluff. Whats even better, he knows how proud we are of him and you can just see how great that makes him feel. He is one special kid…

and one cute kid at that. I took Kaden to the side of the house in hopes to use our backyard/green space as a backdrop but he had something else in mind-the drainage spout. He can choose the location from here on out because in the short 5 minutes that we were out there, he rocked it. And I have been on GAP all night sending emails with pictures cause this kid is campaign worthy!! At least in my heart he is! I mean check out that pose from above...

giving mama some extra drama with the hand on top of his head…

and this one, well its getting blown up-BIG. Can't stop looking at it.

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