Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today, Tomorrow & the Next Day Too.

This morning I got a text and there isn't really anything unusual about that cause I get texts all the time but this particular text, well it made my wonder about what I had forgotten. It went a little something like this...

Jennifer: Thinking about Logan today!! I ahve a little gift for him. Would love to get together this week!

Me: Did I miss his birthday? Or are you just that great of a god mother?!? I'll go with the second of those two options.

Jennifer: It is his baptism birthday :)

Holy Heck. I did forget his birthday! And honestly, I would never have remembered that unless I were to look back at last year's post. Thankfully, we have Jennifer. And when I have those moments where I drop the ball (and trust me, there are VERY few moments when that happens) she or someone else is there to pick up the slack.

My heart gets so warm and fuzzy just thinking about how much our boys are loved not only by our family but by our friends too. That they love them as though they were their own and will be right there beside us, helping as we guide them through life. I hope they know we will do the same-in a heartbeat.

So thank you Jenn for remembering such a special day in our family's life and for being such a caring and loving God Mother to Logan. I am not sure what we did to deserve such a wonderful person in our lives but I am beyond grateful. And honestly, I can say the same thing about so many of you that will read this. You will never fully know how thankful I am to have you in our daily lives. Words just won't do it justice...

So not only does Logan celebrate his baptism today (1 year ago) but Kaden will celebrate his tomorrow (2 years ago) and Colton will celebrate his on Thursday (3 years ago). So it is a celebration all around.

I tried finding a picture of us with Colton but I couldn't. I know I have it some place and I know his mom does too! Maybe it is a good thing becasue I was rather chunky in the photo since I had just given birth to Kaden!


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