Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once An Ugly DUCK...

but no more. She is a beauty and will turn heads as people walk by her. But she wasn't always like this. Maybe in her prime but age was not on her side--until I got my hands on her. Found her on Craiglist. For a whopping 30 bucks. All I had to do now was convince my husband that I knew what I was doing. And when he saw this, he just shook his head…

I admit, I was a little worried too but what did I have to lose, $30--I could handle that. Lets get back to the chair shall we, the ugly duckling of a chair. There were some positives but way more negatives. The shape was perfect. The condition was pretty good. But thats about it when it came to the positives. As for the negatives-the fabric was hideous, the two cushions--head and back--were even worse, what was the designer of this chair thinking. It was just down right wrong but with a little love, some new fabric, a little re-working and some piping, it would become a beauty. And it/she would find a permanent home in Logan's room, where we would spend every night before bedtime, reading his favorite books and snuggling. 

After 2 and a half weeks of being at the upholsters and receiving a little love from them, I got to pick her up this evening. She was more than I even imagined and the best news, my husband even liked her. And if you need the name of a good upholsterer, I have one for you!

Amazing right! I was able to get the exact chair that I wanted for probably half the retailers price. Not to mention, I would have never found this fabric with this piping, I would have had to settle for something similar that would have been just "okay"…

And a big thank you to Ms. Sarah J, she gave me the courage to go ahead and see the project through. When I was having trouble, she was able to get me to see it. 

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