Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few Finishing Touches...

One room in the house, the playroom, is finally almost done. It's completely functional and has been for awhile. The boys love spending time in there-together, by themselves, and with us. And although, they only care about the toys that are in the room and could care less about the walls, I wanted something a little more than just a playroom. A room where the kids will spend hours, days and even years PLAYING, SHARING, LAUGHING & CREATING. 

I wanted something that would remind us what being a kid is all about but also have little phrases that might just inspire them to do something BIG when they get older. I wanted something that I could customize in color and to choose the perfect words to fit our little boys and what we hope their future brings. I hope they laugh big belly laughs as they share and play & create amazing masterpieces with their amazing little minds for so many years to come. 

If you want some prints of your own, I got mine off of the one and only…Etsy

And the playroom isn't the only thing getting a few new things, come back on Friday or Saturday and I should have another big reveal. Remember that amazingly awesome fabric, well you will get to see it again real soon. 

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