Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday--What a NIGHT.

Friday night was just one of those nights. Everyone agreed to go along with my idea--although I am pretty sure everyone was just doing it to appease me--none the less, I appreciated it. I thought it would be great fun if we grabbed food to go and went to the park to have a picnic and let the kids run and play.

And if you were only to look at the pictures you would think the evening was a complete hit and that we would be doing it each and every Friday night…

But pictures can be deceiving. You see we spent the entire night waiting on an unwanted guest. Roadside assistance. Why you ask? I locked our keys in the car. With my purse. With our phones. With our food. With our drinks. All we had was my camera and the kids.

I looked at Justin. He looked at me. We both looked at Scott and Korie. We all shook our heads and said, "Did that just happen?". Why yes, it did.

But hey, we weren't far from our house since we had decided to check out a new park/lake that we had heard so much about--Scott could just run Justin home and get the other set of keys, right? Wrong.

Those said keys were in the Camry at home. Surely the Camry key was at the house, no big deal. Wrong again.

That said set of Camry keys were in the Suburban. With the Suburban keys that were in my purse. Well we have a valet key for the Camry-it had to be at the house. Wrong yet again.

It too resided in the Camry and it was at this point that we just had to laugh. We were going to have to break into one car or the other so why not the Suburban right then and there. We thought there was a little luck on our side when a cop was sitting at the park entrance. Justin informed me that I needed to get my boots a walkin' and so I grabbed Kaden and took him with me. What cop could say no to a cute kid like Kaden, especially when he says, "My Uncle Zack is a cop too." And he couldn't. He said he would try and help, even though they're not suppose to.

15 minutes later and his tools weren't cutting it. His brand new inflatable door jam wouldn't hold air. So we called for back up but not on our phone because those said phones were in the car. We called on our agents phone-thank goodness we have such an awesome agent! I mean who else would have had their agent with them? One pretty short call later and roadside assistance was on their way. It was 7:40 when they arrived. 7:45 when we got the car opened and found my keys. In my purse.

By 8 o'clock we were at home eating our luke warm Okie Joes and putting the boys to bed shortly after. I think Kaden had already figured out that we had a rough evening so as he sat there on the couch with Justin and I, he announced that he was going to bed. Justin and I puzzlingly looked at each other and watched as he marched up the stairs. I thought it was to good to be true so I followed, he soon realized that our light--his night light-- wasn't on and got up, turned it on and then jumped back in bed.

Guess there is a first time for everything. Just didn't think so many of them would happen in one night. And what a night it was. Sadly, not sure I will be getting to recommend what we do next time...

Thanks Scott and Korie for sticking it out with us. You totally could have left and you didn't. Thanks kiddos, all four of you, for being as good as you were for not having any food or drinks the entire time we were there. Yes, it was one heck of a night but looking bad, the kids had fun. I just wish I could have chatted more with my bestie that I haven't seen in over a week.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pure Cuteness

Its been awhile since I have uploaded any sort of videos and this one was just way too cute not to share so here goes…

Logan. He likes to jump. And for some reason he believes you throw yourself on the floor when you "land" your jump.

Did you notice the hair cut? We cut off ALL his curls. It was time and now he looks more like a little dude. And as you can tell, he gives the best high-fives and the most awesomest kisses. Yes I said awesomest.

Love my Lil Logie.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Farm & The City

My mom came to visit on Thursday. She also watched the boys for us while we attended a very special wedding. You see, one of my bestest girlfriends got hitched and the only way to ensure that Justin and I could really celebrate with them was to have someone watch the kids. Enter Mom. 

And what better way to spend your birthday than with your grandkids-Did I mention that it was her birthday too? So not only was she coming up to do us a favor but she was also giving up her birthday to help us out-Thanks Mom & Thanks Dad for being okay with it too. 

So we knew we had to do something special for her on Saturday before she left to head back home. We had been to Deanna Rose the weekend before but since the kids had such a great time and we had already been to the zoo with my mom we decided to head back to the farm again. But before we dig into this weekend's trip, lets talk about last weekend's trip. 

I took the boys alone. I don't venture out too often with the boys by myself but I figured that if I was going to what better place to go than Deanna Rose. Tons of stuff to keep them interested and Kaden could walk instead of ride since we didn't have too much ground to cover. 

We made it around the entire farm. We saw the cows, the horses, the goats, the baby goats, pigs, chickens, goats, and the fish. Did I say goats? There were A LOT of goats.  Kaden did great. He listened to me and would stop and wait  each and every time I asked-pretty sure he really wanted his lemonade that I promised him if he was good. And lemonade he got. 

This weekend's trip was a little different. The boys had just been only days before so Kaden was able to show Grandma Sara around. And as we made our way around the farm we asked Kaden which way we should go, left or right? And because we have been working so hard on which is which, he nailed every one of them. 

We got to see Olive the Cow milked and her baby calf fed a bottle. We fed the baby goats and the fish at Grandpa Bob's Pond--how neat is it that the pond has the same name has my Grandpa Bob?!? We had to get picture with Mom and the boys. 

The highlight of the trip came when Kaden asked to ride the pony but there were a few rules. You must be three. Check. You MUST ride alone. No one can walk alongside the pony other than the worker who is leading the pony. 

HOUSTON, we have a problem. 

Or did we.

Best $3 I spent all day! He happily let the nice lady lift him up on the saddle and he held on tight as Cowboy (the pony) made his way around the track. We weren't sure that he would actually get on the pony let alone ride it around the little track but as they made their way around it the nice lady asked if they could go farther and I gave a big-proud-momma-thumbs-up. Ride Monkey, Ride. 

It was a perfect way to cap off a great couple of days with Grandma Sara. We said our goodbyes knowing it was only a number of days before we would get to see her again, and Papa Tom! 


We decided to keep with the outside theme and made our way to the Plaza Art Fair. The first time we went down to the art fair was in 09 just after Kaden was born and from then on we decided to try and go back each year. The following year in 2010 we went out to dinner with Jake and Jennifer and announced that we were pregnant with Logan. That evening we froze our buns off at the art fair. We might have had to sneak into North Face and grab some jackets but we stuck it out, rain and all. We missed last year, no idea why but picked it back up this year. It was a pain to find parking. A pain to try and make our way through the crowed with strollers. It was a pain to get back to our car and out of the garage but we managed to make a few memories. First and foremost we had two more babies--Logan and Nathan. Then there is Kaden and his need to "potty". The first time we ran into Kona hoping they would see it was an emergency and let us use their restroom, I mean the kid was literally holding himself. They did but the line was 10 deep for the women's. Luckily they saw that Kaden was in dire need and let him race to the front-crisis averted. Then as we are eating dinner he declares he needs to "poop" and once he does his deed he proceeds to yell "I did it" and all the guys in the bathroom cheered for him. At least that is what I am told. 

So yes, memories were made but I think I speak for the adults when I say next year we might just have to call on the Grandma's and venture out on our own! 

And in case anyone was wondering what I may look like when I have three of my very own, well here is a glimpse. 

Every time I look at this its all I can do but think this is a premonition. All boys. And honestly, after seeing this I would be one very lucky lady to be a mom to three very handsome boys--in about 3 years though. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mr. Turtle

There wasn't just a baby show last weekend but a whole days worth of activities planned back home. There was going to be a parade, a car show, vendor booths, activities for little kids, big kids and the really big kids. My mom and dad were hoping for a Turtle Race. They had been on the lookout for a turtle over the last few weeks so that when it came time for the race, Kaden had his very own turtle. 

Meet Turtle. Original, I know. 

I was kind of thrown back when I saw him the first time. He was little. Nothing like the box turtles that we use to race with. How was this guy going to keep up? But my mom made a good point stating that we never won with a big box turtle, their too slow. And sure enough this guy was a speedy one and he was going to win Kaden a trophy just like Logan's. But it rained. And rained. And rained. And frankly we aren't even sure that there was going to be a turtle race but we would have been prepared and we would have won--had there been one. So we let the little guy go back in the same place my mom found him only days before. He scurried off just as if he was in a race and Kaden followed right behind him, actually, on top of him. I'm thinking a new pet may be in store for us and something for Kaden to take care of and learn some responsibility from. 

But it wasn't fair to keep him. He had a family to go home too. So as soon as we let the turtle go we climbed into the car and head back to Jasper to take the little guy's mind off of his dear friend Turtle. 

Uncle Zack had won a gun raffle that Papa Tom put his name into. Papa Tom wasn't all that happy that he paid for the ticket and that Uncle Zack won it but thats how the cookie crumbles. While we were back in Jasper Kaden took to the streets. He danced a little by himself and then a little with the stroller too. 

Maddie and Logan did what they do best-SLEPT. We didn't stay long but long enough to see a best friend from high school and her little boy, a few old neighbors and to get our picture taken for some Ozark magazine-we're going to be famous.

It was nice to be able to go back home for a few hours and walk around the town and see the things that have changed and then other things that are just like they were when I left 12 years ago-WOW that seems like a long time ago when I typed those numbers. Truth is, it was. Here I was going back to my old town, driving by the house I grew up in, seeing a sold sign in my Grandma's yard--all while I had two little boys of my own gabbing away in the seats behind me. Growing up in KC will be a world away from how I grew up in Jasper but I hope someday they will be able to see and appreciate the beauty of growing up in such a small and close knit town. Cause I'll be honest, there are days that I couldn't help but want to be back in Jasper, closer to my family and some of my childhood friends. Watching the kids ride up and down the streets on their bike. Going into the local grocery store and picking up a pop and the cashier putting it on a tab for when Mom or Dad came in next. To see the line at the Dairy Cream out the door waiting for the delicious shakes.  But then I look at our life now and I couldn't imagine not being right where we are. I'll always have Jasper to go home to and to show my kids where I grew up and went to school. To take them to the farm and show them the country. But Kansas City is home now--I guess in some crazy way, we kind of have the best of both worlds. Lucky us. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theory Confirmed.

For the most part…

What's this theory I speak about? You know the one about Logan and him being the cutest little dude EVER! Well this weekend we were able to test that theory and while I couldn't be there (prior obligations) my parents went ahead and entered Logan into my hometown baby show.

For those of you that didn't grow up in a smaller-ish town like I did and that have never heard of a  baby show, here's a little run down of what to expect. You arrive for registration and are surrounded by lots of babies and their parents/grandparents who just like me believe their child/grandchild is the cutest nugget around and will walk away with with first place hands down.

The babies are divided up into divisions-one for boys and one for girls and from there they compete against babies in their age group, for example Logan was in the 13-17 month category and Madison was in the 0-3 month category. Everyone takes their seat waiting for their division to be called and once it is, its go time. You have, in this case, three judges to impress and first place in each division will move onto the Grand Champion round at the end-winner takes all. This is serious stuff. Futures are determined by how well you do at these things! We have worked hours upon hours on getting Logan ready for this day-blood, sweat and tears went into it.

For this particular baby show you could dress your child in their favorite summer outfit and at the last minute they added fall outfit since it was so chilly.

I had a photo shoot scheduled for early in the morning so my Mom and Dad decided they would meet me halfway between their house and our house on Friday afternoon for me to hand off the kids and they would take Logan to the baby show. This was great for two reasons:

1. Logan would get to participate in his very first baby show.

2. I wasn't there which was probably a good thing because I would have been way to nervous to watch. I mean, what if I was just Logan high and he wasn't as cute as I had always thought? What if he didn't win? I'm pretty competitive and that could easily break my heart! Can any one say REMATCH!

I wasn't sure how long it would take, I would be heading home around 9:30 after a photo shoot and it would take two full hours before I hit my hometown. Would I make it to see his division? Would I make it to see the Grand Champion crowned-NOPE. None of it! I called as I pulled onto HWY 71 to let my parents know I was on my way and my dad gave me the good news, Logan had just won his division. I thought he was joking. Could they have went that fast? Guess so cause Logan was grinning ear to ear with a trophy in his hand.

And Logan wasn't the only that won. Madison placed second in her division and Cousin Gracie placed third in hers! The Hartley/Earl grandkids were on a roll.

So now it was onto the Grand Champion round. Logan would take on all the division winners--please note the girl sitting to the left of Maddie with the trophy.

Logan might have been turning on the charm during his division but some how he managed to turn it on even more during the Grand Champion round but he lost. I would like to think that he got second but truth is they only "crown" the winner. In the end both Maddie and Logan got beat out by the girl above in blue. Damn her for being so cute in front of the judges.

From what I am told Logan was the ladies man. The kid blew kisses to the judges. I'll say it again, HE BLEW KISSES and the entire crowed AWED. If that couldn't win him overall cutest baby then I am not sure what the judges were looking for!

But in life you win some, you lose some. And it comes from those losses that we gain the most. We learn the most…

What did I just say? Who am I kidding? We got screwed! And this mom did the only thing she knew how to do, we came home and did a little mini photo shoot with his trophy just to prove everyone wrong! :0) He's still the cutest kid around and who would have thought the shirt we wore for his First Birthday would come in handy again! Number ONE (in his division).

On a separate but similar note-A big thank you goes out to the girls that worked so hard putting on the baby show. It poured yet again but you didn't let that throw you off track. I wasn't there but my Mom and Dad raved about the job you girls did. They said it was top notch and that you all should be very proud of yourselves! Thanks Amber, Ashley, Allison & Jamie!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Soon To A Pinterest Near You

I'm the first to admit that I love Pinterest and have a slight obsession with it. I love to "borrow" ideas from others and make them my own. Rarely do I ever come up with my own idea and I am cool with that. Why recreate the wheel when there is everything and anything you are looking for already wrapped up with a pretty little bow ready for your borrowing. 

Now this idea might not be on Pinterest yet because it was just posted today on a blog that I follow. Actually, now that I think about it, hundreds of thousands of people follow them so I am sure that it is all over Pinterest with just as many taglines. 

So if you want to see the real pros do it, head over to Young House Love. They will break it down step by step for you with a little more color than I have painted here! 

We have been hearing the rumer IKEA might be coming to Kansas City, Merriam specifically and all my fingers and toes are crossed that there is truth to those rumors. With even the idea of IKEA coming to town I have been decorating almost every room in our house, especially the toy room, in my head-every last inch of it. One area that I would like to accomplish sooner rather than later is a little doodling nook. I am scouring Craiglist for the perfect table and chairs to add to the room and to sit on top of that table and chairs will go what I created today-thanks to Young House Love and their idea. 

All I needed were four Limited Edition Andy Warhol Campbell Soup cans (which were being sold at Target for $0.75 a pop) and some cork board. The easiest Pinterest (or soon to be Pinterest) idea that I have "borrrowed" and it might just be the cutest too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How is it?

 Meet Kaden--as if you don't already know him!

Photo taken by Katy Gitto Photography @
He is your typical newly-turned-three year old. He won't wear anything but Batman, Superman and Spiderman underwear. He would wear his Buzz Lightyear shirt every day if we would give him the option. Most importantly, he loves his brother…

Photo taken by Katy Gitto Photography @

And most of the time they get along just great, especially the last few months. Logan has hit the age where he can really "play". They play hide and seek, they play trains, they chase each other around the living room and kitchen for hours with their trucks. Their cute and its oh, so precious to watch as the build that brotherly bond--but just like with any loving relationship, they too have their moments.

It was Friday night, the night before Kaden's birthday party. The Berberiches were over and we were pulling a few things together for the party. I looked at the clock and realized that it was almost their bedtime. CRAP,  we still had baths to give. I asked Kaden to start the water--he likes to turn it on. As soon as we had the bubbles added both kids jumped right in. As I was talking to Tiffany and getting their towels from under the cabinet I heard a blood curdling scream coming from Logan. I instantly turned around and ran over picked him up out of the water and then turned to Kaden. He had the oh-my-gosh-why-did-I-just-do-that-look on his face. I asked him what he did, "I bite Logan's arm." Sure enough, a complete set of teeth marks matching Kaden was imprinted on his arm just above the elbow.

As I am holding a crying Logan and trying to comfort him I was also telling Kaden that we don't bite and that Mommy is really sad that he bit his brother and made him cry, that we are suppose to love our brother because they are the bestest thing in the world. Yes, I used bestest. I also told him that he would be going to bed as soon as we were done with bath time for biting. Enter the waterworks for Kaden.  Now I had two little boys crying and I could barely hear myself think.

I handed Logan over to Justin to console and I went back to finishing up Kaden's bath. He knew he had done something wrong and you could tell he was sorry. He was actually now crying harder than Logan. He was even trying to catch his breath and was almost to the point of making himself sick. Finally I got him calmed down to the point were we could at least understand what he was saying, "I stay up Mommy. I sorry Logan." And if my heart wasn't breaking before, it was now.

I knew Logan was going to be okay, he might get a little bit of a bruise but he would be fine. Heck he was already back in the bath splashing around but I had to follow through with the punishment. I couldn't reward his biting behavior, could I? All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around Kaden and tell him it was okay and that he could stay up all night and even sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room but I didn't. Instead, I put on his pajamas, wrapped my arms around him, kissed his head and reminded him that we don't bite Logan or anyone for that matter. And most importantly I reminded him that Mommy and Daddy loved him very much  and I closed the doors behind me.

I went back to finishing up Logan's bath and through the door I could still hear a few sniffles. It took everything in me to not go back in there and just crawl into bed and hold him until he fell asleep. How is it that I can go from being disappointed one minute for biting his brother to wanting to make everything in his little world perfect again? And if I would have went back in there, crawled up and laid down beside him until he fell asleep would I have been rewarding his bad behavior? The only thing that was going through my mind is that he didn't think we "loved" him anymore and that we were mad at him. Ughh. It's times like this that I wish I had some sort of parenting manual because I want my kids to know they have to take responsibility for their actions but that no matter what they may do, my our love for them will never waiver, that our world starts and ends with them.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Fun Continues...

Since Kaden turned three while we were on vacation in St. Maarten we decided to save his party until we got back so that he could have a few of his friends over and celebrate. I vowed that this party wouldn't be like all the others, that this party would be scaled down-way down. Mission Accomplished. 

We paired back the invite list, inviting only our closest friends and a few family members and we decided to serve pizza so Justin wouldn't be worried about cooking for everyone. Our initial plan was to have a pizza and pool party but in typical KC weather we went from 96 on Friday to a very cool 60 on Saturday morning. I am sure the kiddos would have jumped right in and loved every minute of splashing around in the freezing cold pool but not this mommy…our house never looked so good. 

Luckily, we have a pretty cool friend that let us borrow her children's bounce house--that took no time at all to inflate--add a few already blown up beach balls, some amped up kids and we had ourselves a party. I'm not even sure Kaden ever left the bouncy house except for when it came time to sing Happy Birthday and for him to blow out his candle. 

He chased Hannah. He jumped in the bounce house with Tyler, Colton, Jake & Madi. Logan followed everyone around and Kiley sat there taking notes cause it won't be long and she'll be scooting along right after them. 

With the quick mention of cupcakes, the kids dropped everything they were doing and came running. They were in for quite the treat. Shark Bite Cupcakes. A co-worker of mine ran across these cupcakes on a blog and sent them to me as an idea for Kaden's birthday-I loved them. I instantly sent MoMo Roo  an email with the idea and like everything else she made it happen. They looked great and tasted even better. They were a huge hit!

I think it is safe to say that this kid has had more than enough Birthday Love for his third birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate his birthday over the last week and a half. An even bigger thank you to everyone who donated toothbrushes and toothpaste on behalf of Kaden's birthday to Operation Breakthrough-we are so blessed to have such generous friends and family.

When did he get to be sooooo big?