Friday, August 31, 2012

Today You Turn 3

It's hard to believe I am even writing this post. How could you already be three? I know time flies but this is going by WAY too fast.

In the last three years you have changed my life in more ways than I thought possible. The obvious way-you made me a mother and from the moment we found out we were pregnant your life became more important than my own. There isn't a second that goes by that I am not thinking about you. Wondering what new things you are learning and who your best friend for the day is. You have an unique ability to light up a room with your oh-so-cute voice and inquisitive nature. You have never met a stranger and before its time to leave you have whomever, wherever eating out of your hands.

You are so polite and we are constantly receiving compliments from passersby on how impressed they are with you. You are always wanting to ensure people are happy--Actually, your newest infatuation is asking just that, "Are you happy Mommy?" Why, Yes, Kaden I am and its because of you (and Daddy and that little brother of yours too).

In the last year you have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to your speech, coordination and your knowledge base. You can count to 40 (only skipping just a couple on the way), you can name all your colors, shapes and can identify a good majority of your numbers. You are now fully potty trained and I couldn't be more proud of you when it comes to this. I really thought we were going to have a hard time at mastering the porcelain god but you met it head on and didn't look back.

In the last year your father and I gave you the biggest responsibility yet-being a big brother. And like everything else, you seem to surpass our expectations. You may be a little rough at times and get a little upset when Logan messes up your blocks or train set but you are also so very tender with him. Every night you help get his lovey and you give him a goodnight kiss before he heads off to bed-all while insisting you stay up a little longer. 

You have no idea just how much Logan looks up to you and not just literally. He wants to be just like you in every way. He carries a lovey because you do. He plays trains because you do. He dances because you do. He is your shadow day in and day out. I only hope that your friendship as brothers continues to grow and that you form a bond only brothers can understand. Thank you for loving him so genuinely. 

But most of all-Thank you for being you. You have a personality that no one can come close to matching and nor will they. You may have your highs and lows but thats just who you are. You may throw fits like no other but you also love like no other and that love is one of the sweetest loves that I know and I just thank God daily for bringing you into our lives. Happy Birthday Monkey. May all your Superhero dreams come true…

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