Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tid Bits...

I won't lie, these last few weeks have been so flipping busy. I don't even know what day is what right now. Its hard to believe that August is almost half way over, not sure what I did for the last 13 days-oh wait I worked and things aren't about to slow down either. Besides my family coming into town to seeing the kids, let me run through a few things that have happened.

I had a work trip that took me to Vegas. I am 30 years old and have never been to Vegas until now. Crazy, I know! While there I attended a conference and when I wasn't at the conference (which wasn't much) I was in my room watching the Olympics. I actually never stepped foot on a casino floor. I kind of felt guilty that my husband wasn't with me-so I decided that I would wait. We can do Vegas the right way-together in October.

Bennett Raymond--
One of my VERY best friends had a little baby boy this past Tuesday morning (really early Tuesday morning). We had been texting all weekend about possible signs that she would be having this baby but nothing. And then finally I got a text on Monday evening saying she was headed in. Lucky for her Dr. Wittek was on call (I can't even count how many people I know go to her, she is AWESOME). And about 2 in the morning little Bennett Raymond arrived and he couldn't be any cuter!! We can't wait to introduce you to your two new best friends Bennett. I promise they will show you all the ropes!

Logan Beckett--
We took Logan to his 15 month check up on Tuesday. He got a stellar report card and this time around he jumped up on the height chart and stayed in about the same range when it came to his weight-23.9 pounds, 31 inches tall.

The poor little guy had to get 3 shots this time around and he was not a happy camper when they stabbed his leg. He had a funny gimp for about 2 days and Justin and I couldn't help but laugh a little at him. It didn't seem to bother him too much but luckily this morning he woke up and was walking pretty normal again.

Lately dinner time has become a little more challenging with Logan. Holy, Moly-I just used Logan and challenging in the same sentence, I never thought that would happen but its true. Dinner is a HUGE challenge. He isn't content with just using his fingers and feeding himself anymore. He MUST have a fork. Doesn't matter what it is, he wants to try and eat it with a fork. If you don't give him a fork right off the bat, he will just grunt and make noise until you figure it out and bring one over. Once in his hand, he is a happy camper again.

A few other things that Logan has been up to-climbing on everything, WALKing up and down the stairs vs crawling, blowing kisses (i love seeing this), grabbing his shoes when we say its time to go bye bye, counting (in Logan talk) with Kaden as he practices counting to 30, hide and seek with Kaden, and "jumping". And even though I used the word challenging earlier he is still such a content child.

Kaden Oliver-
Since we will be taking a family vacation to St. Maarten Kaden too had to get a shot. They have started recommending for those who will be traveling outside the country to go ahead and get both doses of the MMR vaccine now rather than wait until 5 for the second one-so back to the doctor we went. He is at an age where I thought it would be best to be honest. So explained that he would be getting a shot and that it might hurt for just a little bit but that if he was a big boy and if he let them give him a shot he would get a sucker. He walked right back to the room, pulled up his shorts and only cried a little when the needle went in. He wiped his tears, thanked the nice nurse and took his RED sucker. We are officially ready to go on vacation-vaccine wise…

Check out that form.

Who says you have to keep your eye on the ball. Eyes are closed and connection was made!

Bridesmaid Duties--
A few weeks back we kicked of Dawn's wedding extravaganza with a bridal shower at our house and this weekend the fun continues with a girls weekend at the lake. We have been planning this weekend for a number of months now and I am certain the fun will begin the second we all hit the road. With as much stuff that has been going on in our busy life, I am ready to just relax with no responsibility for a couple of days and to celebrate with Dawn.

A huge thank you to my wonderful husband. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you do for me and for the kids. Two weekends in a row without me and you haven't said a word about it. Love you.

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