Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Two-Pool or Beach?

What a tough decision we had ahead of us! We had a pool that had a swim up bar and a little area for the kids to play in but then there was the beach where we had so much fun the evening before. What to do? What to do? I know, let's do both.

We ventured down to the pool for the morning hours so that at lunch time we wouldn't have to deal with wet sand and wet kids. The kids swam, kicked and played. The adults swam, kicked, played and of course snapped more pictures. The pool wasn't a zero entry pool but it was easy enough for the kiddos (Kaden and Colton) to get in and out on their own with their puddle jumpers on.

***Anyone planning a beach or pool vacation with a little kid that doesn't know how to swim or needs to be watched at ALL times the puddle jumper is the only way to go! It was awesome and this trip wouldn't be as much fun if we didn't have it. It has allowed both Kaden and Colton to swim freely without anyone holding on to them and has allowed Justin and I time to sit back and relax while the other is holding or watching every move Logan was making. Seriously the best thing we bought for this trip!***

One of the best things about our resort is that we have a full kitchen in our suite. We have been able to go back each day during lunch and fix sandwiches for the kids and put them down for a nap. During nap time we have taken turns on going to the beach and staying in the room allowing for each of us some alone time on the beach or at the pool without worry.

As soon as the kids are up, we lube them up with sunscreen again and out to the beach we head for the afternoon. Our beach is perfect.  It's not busy. It's clean. It's calm. Like I said, PERFECT. And we have a beautiful view. The boys have found a new love for building sand castles and Kaden is equally excited to be Godzilla and destroy all our hard work. But thats cool. We just do build it again just to let him knock it down again.

For dinner we ventured across the street to Lee's BBQ and believe me, it wasn't like KC BBQ but the kids enjoyed looking at the "lobsters" --they were sleeping under the rock!!

The days just keep getting better and better...

P.S. The kids are napping so I figured I could sit by the pool and blog. (No, I didn't leave them in the room alone, Justin stayed behind with them.)

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