Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little More of the SAME...

***BEWARE--another picture dump***

I am not the biggest fan of doing the same thing over and over and over again but for some reason when that same thing is sitting on the beach watching the boys play and swim, I could care less. The only thing that we did differently on Monday than on Sunday was that we spent the entire day at the beach. We walked outside our condo, off of our patio and took about 20 steps and there we plopped our towels and sunscreen down and the boys ran straight for the water.

Kaden hasn't been the biggest fish when it comes to water. He is a little timid when it comes to putting his face in the water or jumping in but one thing this trip has allowed is for him to build his confidence a little more when it comes to swimming. He still doesn't go all crazy but he does love to "run" under water and he isn't concerned about getting his face wet any more.

Logan is well, Logan. He is laid back and pretty happy wherever he is. He enjoys a nice ride on Daddy's shoulders. He loves to dance back and forth with me. He loves to sit and play quietly in the sand. However his most favorite thing to do--sit back in a lounge chair with a snack. Doesn't matter what snack it is-goldfish, crackers, cheese sticks, cookies-where there is food, he will be.

On this day we built bigger and better sand castles. We buried each other in sand and Mommy took more and more pictures. But the unexpected surprise of the day came when a very nice lady by the name of Carol came strolling through offering massages. We laughed when we looked out the window and saw Janet getting a foot massage but the next thing I knew I was lying down on my stomach getting my very own back massage. And let me just say, it was the best $20 bucks I spent all week long! She used aloe straight from the plant and worked out all those kinks I tried to leave behind in KC! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are really looking forward to her coming back through tomorrow-the aloe is sure to feel even better!

I know what you are thinking. Heck some people have already said that they think I am crazy for bringing a laptop with me on vacation but truth is, I didn't want to miss documenting a single event with our family. I knew each day would bring a new adventure and each day that passed without getting it down would mean something would go unmentioned and I couldn't bare that. So I chose to sit by the pool during nap times and after the kids go to bed and document. Sort through hundreds of pictures and try to capture our trip as best as possible so that when the kiddos awake, I am there ready to play with them again. So if you will excuse me I will be visiting the swim up bar and taking a leisurely lap in the pool before Mommy duties resume….

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