Friday, August 17, 2012

A Girls Weekend

When Dawn first told us she was engaged and getting married her little mind went into wedding planning mode and ours went straight to bachelorette party. We let Dawn decide the general theme-crazy night of partying with limos and inappropriate straws, a weekend at a winery, or a weekend at the lake. It took no time at all for her to make the decision and once it was made, there was no turning back, planning was full speed ahead. Invitations, party supplies, alcohol, gifts for the bride, gifts for the ladies and alcohol-it all had to be planned. Thanks to some super bridesmaids the weekend went off without a hitch or a fight and that is pretty amazing considering we are a big group of girls!! Here's a little about how the weekend went down...

Eight ladies headed down on Friday afternoon and we made it to the lake house just before 4. We unloaded the cars but not before pouring drinks, changed into our suits and headed out to the dock. The view was gorgeous and it was so very peaceful. The dock was a little shaky due to the choppy water but nothing a few little cocktails wouldn't hurt. We pulled out the old school rap and that is pretty much how we spent our weekend. On the dock and in our suits with a drink in hand. 

I have known Dawn for about 8 years now and she actually started out as Friend of the Groom but she quickly moved to Friend of the Bride--smart lady. Dawn not only stood up beside Justin and I at our wedding, she was one of the first to meet both Kaden and Logan. And so even though I spent the weekend before working in Vegas (that doesn't really sound all that great when I say it like that!) and work has kept me on the road and busy, and even though I missed my kiddos and husband, there wasn't any where else I would have rather been than there with her and her closest friends.

Speaking of friends-this group of girls is pretty unique in the fact the friendships that were formed with Dawn are from all parts of her life. Her sister, a best friend since grade school, college sorority sisters, co-workers and a friend of the groom. It amazes me and honestly I am quite jealous that she has stayed such great friends with people from all parts of her life.

The weekend was spent just as it should have been. With a great friend who is GETTING married and making new friends. With jello shots in hand and the sun shining down. We talked. We gossiped. We showered the bride-to-be with presents. 

And for the first time in I don't know when, I was responsibility free. At first I wasn't even sure what to do with myself. I haven't been without my kids or husband or work for a very long time and not having to worry about anyone was just a foreign concept to me but I managed. I quickly settled in and relaxed and boy did I need it. I know this was a weekend for Dawn and that all the excitement and celebrating was all in her honor but it was also a nice weekend for me to just be me. I needed it. We all needed it. 

And if the wedding is anything like the bachelorette party, we are in for one heck of a celebration! 

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