Friday, August 31, 2012

And All Good Things Must Come To An End...

Our stay here in St. Maartin hasn't been anything short of magical. I could honestly say with the addition of a few, okay lots, of important people in our lives that I could just stay here forever. The weather has been absolutely amazing and this is even after Isaac had made its way through. The people at our resort were so nice and helpful which made the experience that much better. Tonight we had to pack our bags and set our alarms for a nice early wake up call because by this time tomorrow we will be back home in our own beds and this trip will seem like an eternity ago. Don't get me wrong, my own bed sounds pretty heavenly and I can't wait to walk through the door to see our four legged friends but having to come back to reality instead of spending every minute of the day with all my favorite boys just doesn't sound like much fun. Let's just hope this isn't good-bye but a see you later and let's hope that later is sooner than later!

See You St. Maartin-there are no words for the memories you have provide for us as a family.

And don't think this means the end of our adventures because I only got to day three! We have 3 birthdays, a trip to Pinel Island and some off-roading to talk about still!!

Today You Turn 3

It's hard to believe I am even writing this post. How could you already be three? I know time flies but this is going by WAY too fast.

In the last three years you have changed my life in more ways than I thought possible. The obvious way-you made me a mother and from the moment we found out we were pregnant your life became more important than my own. There isn't a second that goes by that I am not thinking about you. Wondering what new things you are learning and who your best friend for the day is. You have an unique ability to light up a room with your oh-so-cute voice and inquisitive nature. You have never met a stranger and before its time to leave you have whomever, wherever eating out of your hands.

You are so polite and we are constantly receiving compliments from passersby on how impressed they are with you. You are always wanting to ensure people are happy--Actually, your newest infatuation is asking just that, "Are you happy Mommy?" Why, Yes, Kaden I am and its because of you (and Daddy and that little brother of yours too).

In the last year you have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to your speech, coordination and your knowledge base. You can count to 40 (only skipping just a couple on the way), you can name all your colors, shapes and can identify a good majority of your numbers. You are now fully potty trained and I couldn't be more proud of you when it comes to this. I really thought we were going to have a hard time at mastering the porcelain god but you met it head on and didn't look back.

In the last year your father and I gave you the biggest responsibility yet-being a big brother. And like everything else, you seem to surpass our expectations. You may be a little rough at times and get a little upset when Logan messes up your blocks or train set but you are also so very tender with him. Every night you help get his lovey and you give him a goodnight kiss before he heads off to bed-all while insisting you stay up a little longer. 

You have no idea just how much Logan looks up to you and not just literally. He wants to be just like you in every way. He carries a lovey because you do. He plays trains because you do. He dances because you do. He is your shadow day in and day out. I only hope that your friendship as brothers continues to grow and that you form a bond only brothers can understand. Thank you for loving him so genuinely. 

But most of all-Thank you for being you. You have a personality that no one can come close to matching and nor will they. You may have your highs and lows but thats just who you are. You may throw fits like no other but you also love like no other and that love is one of the sweetest loves that I know and I just thank God daily for bringing you into our lives. Happy Birthday Monkey. May all your Superhero dreams come true…

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little More of the SAME...

***BEWARE--another picture dump***

I am not the biggest fan of doing the same thing over and over and over again but for some reason when that same thing is sitting on the beach watching the boys play and swim, I could care less. The only thing that we did differently on Monday than on Sunday was that we spent the entire day at the beach. We walked outside our condo, off of our patio and took about 20 steps and there we plopped our towels and sunscreen down and the boys ran straight for the water.

Kaden hasn't been the biggest fish when it comes to water. He is a little timid when it comes to putting his face in the water or jumping in but one thing this trip has allowed is for him to build his confidence a little more when it comes to swimming. He still doesn't go all crazy but he does love to "run" under water and he isn't concerned about getting his face wet any more.

Logan is well, Logan. He is laid back and pretty happy wherever he is. He enjoys a nice ride on Daddy's shoulders. He loves to dance back and forth with me. He loves to sit and play quietly in the sand. However his most favorite thing to do--sit back in a lounge chair with a snack. Doesn't matter what snack it is-goldfish, crackers, cheese sticks, cookies-where there is food, he will be.

On this day we built bigger and better sand castles. We buried each other in sand and Mommy took more and more pictures. But the unexpected surprise of the day came when a very nice lady by the name of Carol came strolling through offering massages. We laughed when we looked out the window and saw Janet getting a foot massage but the next thing I knew I was lying down on my stomach getting my very own back massage. And let me just say, it was the best $20 bucks I spent all week long! She used aloe straight from the plant and worked out all those kinks I tried to leave behind in KC! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are really looking forward to her coming back through tomorrow-the aloe is sure to feel even better!

I know what you are thinking. Heck some people have already said that they think I am crazy for bringing a laptop with me on vacation but truth is, I didn't want to miss documenting a single event with our family. I knew each day would bring a new adventure and each day that passed without getting it down would mean something would go unmentioned and I couldn't bare that. So I chose to sit by the pool during nap times and after the kids go to bed and document. Sort through hundreds of pictures and try to capture our trip as best as possible so that when the kiddos awake, I am there ready to play with them again. So if you will excuse me I will be visiting the swim up bar and taking a leisurely lap in the pool before Mommy duties resume….

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Two-Pool or Beach?

What a tough decision we had ahead of us! We had a pool that had a swim up bar and a little area for the kids to play in but then there was the beach where we had so much fun the evening before. What to do? What to do? I know, let's do both.

We ventured down to the pool for the morning hours so that at lunch time we wouldn't have to deal with wet sand and wet kids. The kids swam, kicked and played. The adults swam, kicked, played and of course snapped more pictures. The pool wasn't a zero entry pool but it was easy enough for the kiddos (Kaden and Colton) to get in and out on their own with their puddle jumpers on.

***Anyone planning a beach or pool vacation with a little kid that doesn't know how to swim or needs to be watched at ALL times the puddle jumper is the only way to go! It was awesome and this trip wouldn't be as much fun if we didn't have it. It has allowed both Kaden and Colton to swim freely without anyone holding on to them and has allowed Justin and I time to sit back and relax while the other is holding or watching every move Logan was making. Seriously the best thing we bought for this trip!***

One of the best things about our resort is that we have a full kitchen in our suite. We have been able to go back each day during lunch and fix sandwiches for the kids and put them down for a nap. During nap time we have taken turns on going to the beach and staying in the room allowing for each of us some alone time on the beach or at the pool without worry.

As soon as the kids are up, we lube them up with sunscreen again and out to the beach we head for the afternoon. Our beach is perfect.  It's not busy. It's clean. It's calm. Like I said, PERFECT. And we have a beautiful view. The boys have found a new love for building sand castles and Kaden is equally excited to be Godzilla and destroy all our hard work. But thats cool. We just do build it again just to let him knock it down again.

For dinner we ventured across the street to Lee's BBQ and believe me, it wasn't like KC BBQ but the kids enjoyed looking at the "lobsters" --they were sleeping under the rock!!

The days just keep getting better and better...

P.S. The kids are napping so I figured I could sit by the pool and blog. (No, I didn't leave them in the room alone, Justin stayed behind with them.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Made It...

After a VERY long first day of traveling--which we will just skip over because it wasn't pretty--we finally made it to the beach. The South Family had arrived-all eight of us. You see, we are traveling with my MIL, BIL and his wife and their little boy, our nephew. We have been planning this trip for 10 months now and I can't even begin to explain how much planning went into this trip!

The morning started off with the third leg of our flight from Miami to St. Maarten with Justin, Logan and I only getting a few hours of sleep since the little guy didn't want anything to do laying down and sleeping. Guess I wasn't the only one that was excited to put my toes in the sand.

After the 3 hour flight we found ourselves over some of the bluest water that I have laid eyes on and then Kaden spotted the island and our wheels touched down shortly after.  flew through customs, found a cab and in less than 30 minutes the boys had their suits on and were headed for the ocean.

I wasn't sure what to expect-would they be scared of the waves? Would they run full force ahead and not even give a second thought to what they were doing? Would they just stand there and take it all in? Kaden and Colton instantly ran for the water but Kaden was a little timid, just as I figured. He wasn't sure what to think about the waves but after watching Colton jump right in, he was right on his heels. Daddy and Adam were on their way in as well and Logan couldn't be left out so Daddy scooped him up in his arms. Us girls, well, we just sat back, took in the scenery and snapped the first of THOUSANDS of pictures of our boys' first trip to the ocean.

All of Friday (traveling from KC to Miami and the lack of sleep) didn't even matter any more because that moment in time was just perfect. I had the loves of my life with me on the beautiful island of St. Maarten and they were all grinning from ear to ear. Here is a sneak peek of the first few hours on the island.

I literally have six minutes until my battery runs out for the night. I really hope to have a couple more days worth of pictures and adventures up before the trip comes to an end. First thing first though, we celebrate Grammie Janet's birthday tomorrow! The fun continues…

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Cut or Not To Cut...

Has been the question for what seems like forever. We just haven't been able to bring ourselves to cut Logan's curls off. I mean they are as golden, white really, as can be and I was so afraid that once the curls came off that he wouldn't be a baby anymore. My baby anymore. But then the last two weeks happened. Everyday. All Day. It was BED HEAD. A nice matted mess that didn't want to stay put no matter how much I tried. With vacation only days away and thousands of pictures to be taken, we needed to do something about it and fast.

Tonight we loaded up and we headed to Sports Clips and we checked all three boys in for a haircut. Thats right, Daddy and Kaden were getting their wigs split too. Kaden got "the usual" so he was up and in his chair and away they went. He sat perfectly still as I jumped back and forth trying to let the hairstylist know what we wanted with Logie and snapping the "first cut" picture. Heck, he actually did better when I wasn't in view which actually gave me a chance to snap a couple pictures of him being the big boy that he is….

But back to the big haircut of the day, Logie's. Logan sat there on Justin's lap as his hair was "trimmed" up. We opted for the trim because I wasn't about ready to let the curls go and the stylist said all he needed was a little clean up and he would be good to go. Yes, we could have went a lot shorter but that wouldn't be Logie. Plus we are headed to the beach and capturing some blonde, flowing locks is on my list of must have pictures! The ladies at Sports Clips were great with the kids. Kaden got a sucker and they gave Logie a certificate and saved a lock of hair for his baby book. It might not have been the same experience that Kaden had for his first haircut at Sheer Madness but this was more Logan. Laid-back and to the point.

So without further ado, Mr. Logan-The Before….

and Mr. Logan-The After…

And as cute as EVER! Actually, maybe even a little cuter than before, if that is possible.

Now Logan wasn't the only one that went for a big change, Justin did as well. Justin has been talking about cutting his hair short for months, no, years now and finally he did it. The stylist got the number 2's out and went for it. It's short. It's soft. And it looks sooooo much better than what I had expected. You see when I met Justin his hair was thick, black and spiky. You could really grab hold of it and get him to pay attention to you if you needed to. So it was hard to imagine him with anything other than a spiky little hair style until now and I have to admit, I like it and he probably should have done this a little while ago! Sorry, no pictures of him but there will be plenty to share from vacation!

So that's that. 3 Boys and 3 haircuts. One step closer to being beach ready!