Monday, July 23, 2012

Whew, What A BUSY Weekend.

Can life just slow down for one second? Its kind of hard to be able to enjoy all the great things going on in our lives right now because there is SOOOO much of it and so little time for each one. I know, tough problem to have right? At least I can put it all down on "paper" and relive it any time I want. So here goes.

The weekend started off with a wedding shower at our house. A wedding shower that 18 hours earlier I wasn't sure was going to be taking place at our house. Justin came home on Friday to no power. NO POWER. Are you kidding me? In less than 18 hours our house was to be filled with 20 women, a blissful bride-to-be and lots of gifts to be unwrapped. I really wasn't looking forward to making that call to the bride. Luckily the power kicked back on 2 extremely long hours later. We were back in business.

We all know how much I love to plan a party and believe it or not, I didn't plan one ounce of this one. I am on the Bachelorette Party Planning Committee (yes we have committees) so I got to sit back and watch others take control and after having done so, there might not be any other way to go. I opened up my doors to the Wedding Shower Planners and in a matter of 30 minutes they had decorations set up, food out and drinks were being served. They brought everything in and a few hours later they took everything back out with them. What an amazing group of girls.

And even more amazing is the lady we gathered around to celebrate with-the bride, Dawn. There might not be a person who has a bigger heart and thinks more about others than Dawn. She is always the first to offer help if something is going on in your life whether your grandfather passed away or you are just down and out with a nasty cold, the first to reach out and say happy birthday and you can always count on her for a Happy Mother's Day/Memorial Day/Fourth of July text-she makes you feel special. She stood by me on my wedding day and I am so honored that I will be standing by her on her wedding day. She is the definition of a true friend and it makes complete sense as to why her wedding party is so big--once you're a friend, you're a friend of hers for life.

What a perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities.

Mimosas-I had a few but at least I wasn't driving.

Things Remembered can engrave a wine bottle-how cool is that! 

Dawn and her Mommy.

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