Thursday, July 19, 2012

Odds and Ends

A New Addition to the Master.
Piece by piece. Room by Room. We are starting to pull the house together. Logan's room is pretty much complete and so is their bathroom. Kaden's room is just missing some wall decor. Then there is our room. Pretty much a blank canvas and frankly a little on the sad side but things are starting to look better. We hung the tv on the wall which will be framed out soon. I "antiqued" an old dresser to add a punch of color to the room and to tie into our "grown-up" bedding. And we finally added a headboard. I did a lot of searching for the perfect headboard and was willing to spend a good chunk of change but in the end I found a bargain at NFM for half the price at other retailers.

Its amazing what a headboard can do to a room. Now we just need to figure out some wall decor, some night stands and possibly a little settee. Still a long way to go but getting there.


I {HEART} Summer--but not for the reason you think. I {HEART} summer for the fresh home grown TOMATOES. Not only did I get to meet my new niece on Tuesday but I was also sent home with a small flat of tomatoes from Grandpa Hartley's garden. As soon as I got home I cut two up, one for a sandwich and one just to eat. Delicious. And lucky for me, Logan doesn't like them…

But they both love some Brakers' Sweetcorn and watermelon. Both of which have become staples at dinner. 


Lets talk crazy eyes. Most every picture that I put on this blog is UNedited. The only edited ones in fact were just posted yesterday of my niece. As I was downloading pictures from my camera a few pictures of Logan caught my eye. He looks totally possessed. And while one might think I edited the pictures to make his eyes pop like they do, one would be wrong. Straight Out Of Camera or SOOC for those photography lovers…

So that's it. I am twiddling my thumbs until I can get my hands on my niece again come Saturday but first, we have a big BRIDAL shower for one of my great friends Miss Dawn. Can't wait to see what the party planners have pulled together for her. Lots of fun still to come...

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