Sunday, July 29, 2012

Move OVER Betty.

And make room for the newest baker in the family-Kaden. It is no secret that I don't cook. I don't like it one bit. My husband loves it and is great at it. On the other hand, I am the baker in the family. And I have perfected the yellow cake cause when it comes to cakes, there isn't anything better than a nice yellow cake and milk chocolate icing. ---Note to readers, if you ever need to get on my good side, just hand me a cake or a batch of cupcakes and you will be my new best friend! Yellow cake, chocolate icing!---

I figured it might be important to let Kaden in on my baking skills so if he is ever in need of getting out of the dog house with me, he will know exactly what to do. So we combined my love of cake with my love of Pinterest.

I ran across this really fun cake the other day…

and thought that it would be great to have a little Mommy and Kaden time in the kitchen. Plus Kaden has been working really hard on identifying all colors of the rainbow. Laugh, Learn and Eat. Perfect activity for a super hot day.

I was afraid that it would be a long drawn out process and that Kaden would be bored before we even started but it was easy and really didn't add any extra time. We made the cake as instructed on the box and then divided the cake mix into 5 different bowls-Red (Kaden's favorite color), Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange.

We decided to make cupcakes since they are a little more kid friendly. We started with the red and added a little to each foil tin. Once the red was gone and the batter had settled we moved onto the next color and so on and so forth. After the last drop of batter had been used we had some rainbow madness on our hands.

At this point, we were feeling pretty good about how things were turning out but they still had to face the oven. What would 350 degrees bring and would the batter stay puddled up or would it all melt together in one big hot mess?


and if they don't look as utter scrumptious to you as they do to me. Ask these little boys what they think about them. Pretty sure they both give them raving reviews with two thumbs up.

So there you have it. Fun filled Sunday with FUN, delicious, colorful cupcakes that we will certainly be baking again. Which might be sooner rather than later because I have had WAY too many already and come Wednesday I might need another fix!

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