Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet the NEWEST Hartley

Madison Eve Hartley
7 pounds 4 1/2 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

Ten Fingers. Ten Toes.

As I drove to the hospital to meet my new niece I had tears in my eyes-happy tears. My little brother was becoming a daddy. He would get to experience a love like no other and I couldn't be more excited or thrilled for him and Lindsey. They were becoming their very own little family of three. 

As I arrived at the hospital I found my father pacing, my mom sitting against the wall with her head in her hands, Lindsey's mom texting Lindsey's dad the play by play and her BFF, Jennifer, trying to peek through the doors. They were pushing and we all were very eager to know what was going on. After about an hour I decided enough was enough and snuck back by the door to take a quick listen. At that moment I heard one of the best sounds in the world-a baby's cry. My heart stood still and my eyes filled with water-she was here. 

It took what seemed to be forever until we were able to get back there and get our hands on her. We were told 2 or 3 at a time and as badly as I wanted to rush through those doors I knew there were 3 grandparents that had been there most of the day and needed to see their granddaughter more than I. So I waited, another 10 minutes and then it was time. I walked through the door and there she was, in my brothers arms. He stood up and handed her to me and said, "Madison, meet your Aunt Kayla." Hello Beautiful.

She stole my heart along with everyone else's. She was so alert and just looked up at me. I could have held her forever but that wouldn't have been fair so I handed her back off to Grandma Sara before we were all booted out of the room from the new Daddy. He was already becoming protective of his little girl…

We decided to go and grab the new mom and dad some food on our way back I got the best treat of all.  I got to be there for her first bath and watch the first pink bow placed on her tiny little head. And as an added bonus, my best friend's sister just happened to be the nurse on duty so I knew Madison would be in the best of hands. 

After her bath and after getting the new parents to their room we said our good-byes until morning. And this morning I spent most of the morning holding my precious niece. When I wasn't holding her, I was snapping a few pictures to document these first few hours of her life. A little before noon I said my final goodbye and headed back to KC for a few conference calls I need to be on. It was hard to say goodbye but I'll be back soon-Saturday soon. And with the kids. Its time Kaden and Logan to meet their newest cousin. 

Welcome to the world Madison Eve. You are so very LOVED!!

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