Thursday, July 26, 2012

Balls, Balls, and kind of Balls...

The boys have been into balls lately. Baseballs, kickballs, soccer balls. If it bounces then it is safe to assume that it will provide hours of entertainment and that my friends is a good thing considering the massive heat wave we have been experiencing. Wait. Thats a lie. I guess I can't really call it a wave since it has been so very CONSTANT. None-the-less, the boys are doing their best at trying to stay satisfied with being indoors.

Logan has been watching his big brother kick the soccer ball lately and he gives it the good old 14 month old try and once in awhile succeeds and makes contact but most of the time he would rather just sit on my lap and have Kaden roll him the ball as I guide his foot. He finds this amusing and frankly I find HIM amusing so we do it over and over and over again.

This is the infamous POWER kick. Watch out.

If the Royals are playing then you better believe that they are on TV at our house. Daddy doesn't miss too many of the games. So instead of throwing a fit and begging for a movie, we pull at the glove and ball and we play a little baseball in the house. And the kid has an arm-one heck of an arm. Not the little kid, the big kid. I often find myself requesting that he moves back a little or ducking as he throws it towards my face cause it has some heat and he has some control too. He might just be an athlete after-all and if he isn't, this will be one broken-hearted momma.

The boys have also been learning about the planets and the solar system at day care. Kaden has come home with a ton of art projects lately and I think it is just amazing what Ms. Brenda is able to get these kids to do. Today he came home with a 'Good Night Moon' drawing, yesterday they painted a full moon, half moon and crescent moon and by golly he can name each and every one of them. On Monday it was the solar system and Ms. Brenda even took the time to put a little fact on the back of each and every planet. Kaden knows that we live on Earth and that Earth moves around the Sun. I love that not only is he getting time to play with his friends during the day but that he is also learning and that she has a curriculum set up for each age group. 

I won't lie, I learned a few things reading the back of the planets as well! I might have to be that mother that says "give me 10 minutes to read the chapter and then I'll help you with your homework." Amazing how quickly some things just fly out the window when you don't really need them or maybe that is just with me and if so…how embarrassing!


And I have to share two reviews. One good review and one not so good review and hopefully these will help save time or money or maybe even both for someone. We will start with the not so good review first.

Freebird World Burrito. 
Lets just say it AIN'T no Chipotle. They recently opened one near work (Shawnee Mission Pkwy and Metcalf) and it has been packed each and every time we have went by. Finally yesterday the line wasn't out the door so a few co-workers and I decided we should give it a try. We walked through the door and there was SOOO much going on and the line, well it was pretty much at the door. As we made our way through line, which took forever, we passed by the drink station and we were able to get a drink as we stood in line. This was actually pretty sweet and later we were able to get a refill as we left so one point to the positive side. Unfortunately that was the only positive mark. The line, like I mentioned was forever long. There were WAY TOO many choices, who needs to choose between white meat and dark meat for chicken, just get WHITE. If you request too many things, then your sour cream is extra. Your guacamole could be too, I just didn't get any. The services wasn't all that great and it was super slow and disorganized. With all that being said, we still had high hopes for the food. We decided to take it back to the office (there wasn't a place to sit in the whole building) and critique it together. The consensus of the group was that it was NOT worth the wait. It was super salty and we will be heading back to Chipotle the next time we are craving a burrito bowl. I am sure there are people who love it but I don't. Guess it is kind of like Canon vs. Nikon, I am a Canon girl. Always will be. Guess I will always be a Chipotle girl too.

Munchkin Stroller Links
In planning for our family vacation to the beach Justin and I started thinking about strollers. We have a double stroller but airlines won't let you take something that large (weight must be under 40 pounds) and we really didn't want a double stroller with us at all times because Kaden might be happier walking. I took to the internet to see if there would be a way to turn our Chicco light weight umbrella strollers into a double stroller for use in the airport when we had luggage. I ran across a couple different options-a few that fit round posts and a couple that were universal. I went with the universal just to make sure. The best part was the cost, they were 13.99 on Amazon with two day free shipping. They arrived in the mail today and we decided to try them out tonight. They went on very easily and steering the two strollers as one was just as easy. I read in the reviews that you might have a few issues if you are trying to off-road with them but thats not part of our vacation plans so I think we will be in the clear.  If you are looking for a cheap way to make two strollers a double stroller or are wanting a side by side double, this is a great option. It might not be the best option for shopping but any side by side might be hard to fit through the isles. However, if you are out walking around at the lake, zoo or at an amusement park this might just be a great option.

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