Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Nanny's House We Go

About every other week we try and get out to see Nanny at Little Sisters. Nanny is the boys great grandmother on Justin's side and we know how important it is to take advantage of the time while we can, especially since she just lives on the other side of the state line. We usually make an event out of it though. We start with dinner, we pick up Grammy and then we meet Adam, Becky and Colton out there. There are times when someone isn't able to make it but everyone who isn't working or out of town is there. 

Usually Nanny is just getting done with dinner and making her way back to her room when we arrive. Sometimes she might be asleep in the chair and other times she could "running" laps around the floor. We almost always get the "I don't want to go outside." or "I don't feel like a walk." but with a little bit of pleading, she usually gives in and makes the walk with us out to the garden area. The kids are able to run free and chase the ducks as we all sit back, talk and relax. And although she doesn't admit it, she couldn't be happy that she gave in and allowed us to drag her outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

We don't stay long, maybe an hour or so but the kids have a great time and hopefully when they are older they will remember running around in the garden and running alongside Nanny with her walker.  When it is time to say our goodbyes, the boys hand out their hugs and kisses and race to the elevator to push the button. And as we find our way out of the building Kaden has one last stop to make, he signs us out at the front desk.

Till next time Nanny, we had a very lovely evening with you tonight. 

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