Saturday, June 16, 2012

She's Ready To….


This morning I had the honor of throwing my SIL, Lindsey, a baby shower with my sister and a lot of help from my mom! I was a little worried about planning the shower from Kansas City since it would be held at my parents house but actually it worked out perfectly. I was able to give my mom a grocery list and a few other things that I wouldn't be able to get up here and she made sure it was all at the house and ready to go when I arrived. We burned the midnight oil, literally, getting the food, drinks and decorations in place. Once we woke up we only had a few things that needed to be redone and luckily for us the boys have super early internal clocks and were up at the crack of dawn so we had about 3 hours to get everything back in place, the food out and the kids and I ready. We finished with time to spare! 

Now onto the party. It was a great celebration. So many of our friends and family showed up to help Zack and Lindsey celebrate the pending arrival of their little girl Madison Eve. I couldn't be more excited for my brother and Lindsey. They are going to make great parents and since a little girl may not be in the cards for us who better to spoil than her!  

When we decided to host a shower for them I instantly went to Pinterest and started pinning away. After finding a few ideas that I liked, I cross-referenced Etsy to see which theme had more to go with it. 'She's Ready To Pop' won out and I contacted the Etsy seller to see if she could tweak the color scheme. She did and we were on our way! 

We centered the food around popcorn and threw in some cake pops, snap crackle and popsicles, and then some blow pops. We served your usual tea and lemonade but wanted to have a little something special that went along with the theme so we went with Strawberry and Grape soda pop and had custom labels made for them. All in all it was the pretty fantastic.  

My favorite thing about the shower (besides the people) was the absence of games. I am not a big fan of games so most of the showers that I plan don't have games. Instead we did a few other things. We had wishes to the baby where each guest filled out their wishes for Madison and Lindsey will be able to take these and create a little scrapbook with them. We also had 'diaper thoughts' which consisted of writing fun little messages on diapers so that when they are up in the middle of the night changing a diaper they have something to make them smile!

Before the pictures I need to give a big thank you to my mom and sister for all their help! To Lindsey for carrying my precious niece. And then to Mo Mo Roo for the delicious cake pops, I got so many compliments on them!! 

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