Sunday, June 24, 2012

I think its time...

And no I don't mean for another baby! I mean to get Kaden his very own bowling ball for bowling is in his blood. Could this kid have better form? And look at that follow through. (Let's hope he has that good of a follow through when it comes to basketball!)

As you can see this morning we took a little trip to the bowling alley. Ms. Brenda has been taking the kids on Friday Fun Day--who am I kidding, everyday is Fun Day with her--and Kaden has been eating it up. It doesn't surprise me though cause he really does have it in his blood. Justin comes from a very long line of bowler, how long that line goes back I'm not really sure but the point is, Justin's Grandmother and Grandfather use to own a bowling alley so it was literally like growing up in one for Justin. It comes to no surprise that Justin would want to share this with his kids and it is one sport that Mommy isn't all that good at and I will happily stand back and let him do the teaching. (Note that I said one sport, there isn't many that Mommy won't give her two cents on!)

After seeing how much fun Kaden had Justin decided it was time that he had his own bowling ball. What two year old doesn't have their own bowling ball, right? So we are officially on the bowling ball hunt. Just one more thing this kid will out grow too quickly but I certainly can't say no to a Daddy teaching his boy the game of pins!

Where was Logan you ask?

He was there, right in the middle of it all. Just taking it in.  He especially loved the vent which shot out air to dry off your hands. Couldn't get the kid away from it.

*Logan has had a rough couple of days. On Thursday night he fell playing "chase" with Kaden and hit our bed railing right on the brow. Luckily, it didn't split open and only bruised a little. Then yesterday he fell trying to push one of the push cars outside and he split open his lip and got a bloody nose. Poor kid has been through the ringer but that still hasn't stopped him from smiling.


Kaden loves to "drive". Anytime we are outside playing in the front yard he always checks to see if the cars are unlocked. If they are then that is where you will find him for the next few hours. Ask him where he is going-"Grammy's House" or "Papa's House" with a "Be Right Back. You stay here." On this day I got "To get lunch." and when I asked what we were having-"Pizza" was his response. I told him to be careful and not to drive fast, he climbed in, shut the door, waved bye-bye and then "drove off". Not 10 seconds later he climbed out of the car and delivered me the "hot" pizza. Then I snapped the below picture. Monkey See, Monkey Do. Maybe?! I might talk on the phone when I drive but I certainly don't drive with my feet but I might if I could get my foot up there like that!!

His imagination is really starting to take off and I love where it is going. I {HEART} him. And Logan!

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