Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Few Odds and Ends

So much has happened over the last two weeks and I have been horrible about documenting most of it so I am going to do one big old blog dump and try and get caught up. Prepare for a lot of pictures…

While we were back home last weekend, Kaden, Logan and I joined my mom and dad on their golf outing. After naps I loaded the kids up and met them on hole 14 and we finished the round out with them. Kaden loved, I mean LOVED the golf cart and he earned himself a job for next time. He will be the official "can you put my golfball on my tee for me" kiddo. Guess the boys are getting a little too old to bend over!

Grandpa Hartley finally got to feed Logan some ice cream. As soon as dessert was served for Zack's birthday celebration and Papa Richard found out I was getting Logan some ice cream he pushed his plate aside and clapped his hands. He was ready for his little boy.

Very similar to when Kaden was little…

Kaden also created his first masterpiece and we are working on the perfect place in his room to hang it.

Although Mr. Logan hasn't created his own masterpiece just yet, he sure loves him some chalk! If we are outside and a piece of chalk is hidden some place, he will find it and good luck getting it away from him.

We have taken a few more trips to the lake and it never fails, we have at least one meltdown a trip. It might be him wanting in the stroller and the next time it is him wanting out of the stroller to walk and then its Daddy being too far ahead. If it isn't one thing it is another but we still manage to have a good time. 

And on a positive note, we are still rocking and rolling with potty training. Our guy is a SUPER STAR!

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