Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Month Down

And I can't say I am sorry to see June go--just means October is one month closer to getting here! The heat is unbearable and I want the days of evening walks around the lake and playing outside before nap time to come back to us. I have been picking up way to many toys lately due to being stuck inside so today we decided to changed things up. Mommy and Kaden had a little movie date and Grammy joined while Daddy and Logan did the grocery shopping.

We headed to the movie theater to beat the heat and see Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted. Kaden has been watching Madagascar 2 for about a week and half so it just made sense that we venture out for his 2nd trip to the movies this morning. We decided that since the movie started at 10 we would arrive about 10 minutes late to skip the previews. Movies tend to be a tad long to keep Kaden's full attention so we certainly didn't want the previews to make it worse. The movie was really cute and besides a couple slow parts it did a great job of entertaining us all. And we only had to take 2 trips to the bathroom. Pretty sure the second trip was just to wash his hands again in the really cool sink.

And well, since Logan isn't quite old enough to go to the movies with us, we still managed to have our own fun while Kaden continued to snore. This little guy is fearless and frankly he scares the living pee out of me at times. Like all momma birds do, we gotta let them spread their wings and fly even if that means taking a fall once in while. Today he decided to act out a few tricks that he has seen his big brother do. He took on the Big Blue Rocking Dog.

The 'Mom PLEASE Don't STOP Pushing Me' Look.

The 'Look MOM! I can stand with NO hands on the Big Blue Rocking Dog' Look.

The 'I can CLIMB over and stand on the Big Blue Rocking Dog's Nose' Look.

We also had fun playing with a case of water. Who knew water could be such fun. He literally climbed up, down, around and tried scooting it for 45 minutes.

And then tonight we had some additional eye candy. Baby Nathan came to hang out along with his mommy and daddy. It had been about 2 weeks since we had last seen him and boy has he grown. I just can't get over how much he has changed but guess that comes with the territory. And like last time, Logan really could care less about Nathan, he just continued right on playing but not Kaden. Kaden loved looking at Nathan and helping when it came to changing his diaper. He was the official 'changing pad layer downer'. We sure love seeing that family of 3 (and I love saying family of 3 too!) How cute is this little guy?!?

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